Dagger Trial Focusing on Computers Where Child Pornography Was Found

Fayetteville, Ark. – Computer analysts testify that desktop computers where child pornography was found at the workplace of former reality check star Josh Duggar also included an operating system that could avoid accountability applications that allow users to monitor Internet usage. doing.

Dagger, 33, has been charged with receiving and possessing child pornography and will face 20 years in prison for each count if convicted. His federal trial began this week in northwestern Arkansas.

Dagger, featured at TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” show, was charged in April. Prosecutors said child pornography was downloaded to the computer of a used car lot where Dagger worked in May 2019.

Computer analysts told the jury on Thursday that the Linux operating system and partitions were installed on desktop computers, allowing tracking programs to be circumvented. According to analysts, this partition basically splits the computer’s hard drive into a business-related public side, including a second side that uses tracking programs and Linux systems.


The Justice Department’s James Fottrell told the jury that sexually explicit photos and videos of the children were found on the Linux side of the computer, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

However, Duggar’s defense lawyer alleged that someone else downloaded or placed child pornography on his work computer and pointed out that child pornography was not found on Duggar’s phone or laptop.

“If you like mystery, this is the case,” Dagger’s representative Justin Gilfund told the jury in an opening statement earlier this week. “This is a classic old-fashioned whodunit.”

The testimony was to continue on Friday.

TLC pulled out “19 Kids and Counting” in 2015 over the exposure that Duggar had molested a babysitter with four sisters. Dagger’s parents said he confessed and apologized for the caress. Earlier this week, US District Judge Timothy Brooks ruled that a jury could hear more about the abuse in a child pornography trial.


“The victims of child pornography in this case are about the same age as the victims of the defendant’s child abuse crime,” said Brooks’ order to allow testimony. “Therefore, evidence of previous conduct is evidence of the defendant’s sexual interest in underage children and his tendency to exploit young girls.”

In 2015, Dagger publicly apologized for porn addiction and his wife’s affair, calling himself “the greatest hypocrite in history.”

Dagger’s trial begins when his father, Jim Bob Duggar, runs for a special election in a vacant state Senate in northwestern Arkansas. Jim Bob Dagger was also prominently featured at the TLC show and previously served at the Arkansas House. The open seat primary is December 14th.

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Dagger Trial Focusing on Computers Where Child Pornography Was Found

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