Crew looking for pets in the collapse of a Florida condo building

Miami – Authorities reassured families that they were also keeping an eye on their beloved pets as the crew continued to search for victims in the rubble of a collapsed 12-story condominium near Miami. It was.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said Saturday that some of the still-standing complex had been swept at least three times, some by cameras and no animals found.

“I very understand that pets are part of people’s families,” said the mayor, who said she was also the owner of the pet. “My heart is directed at those who fear their animals, and I just want you to know that more effort is being made and made.”

The sides of Champlan Tower South remain largely intact, but officials said they would demolish the remaining structures on Sunday prior to the arrival of the tropical cyclone Elsa, where the building could be at risk of spontaneous collapse. Said.


Cava said he had informed the contractor of the possible location of the missing pet. “They are aware of and doing everything they could do just to do an additional search,” she said.

However, the mayor said it was too dangerous to conduct a visit.

Earlier in the week, firefighters sought to find an elderly woman and her daughter’s missing cat who lived on the fourth floor of the still-standing wings of the Mansion Tower. The two women were running away with their dog Rigatoni. However, their cat, Coco, seems to have been scrambled to escape.

Miami City Commissioner Ken Russell, who is married to a veterinarian, warned authorities.

“When I realized that the cat was still in danger, I called the fire chief,” he said, with resources from a search and rescue mission for dozens of people buried under the rubble of a fallen building. He added that he tried not to be robbed. ..


So the firefighters hung on the edge of the bucket truck and started calling Coco.

Russell said he had heard of other pets that might have been left behind, such as a dog in a crate on the 9th floor and two parrots and a cat on the 10th floor.

“People rely on them for their mental stability and their comfort. It’s a tremendous guilt to know that they left their animals behind,” Russell said. ..

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Crew looking for pets in the collapse of a Florida condo building

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