Creator Tyler is assembling the legendary Cartier collection

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A few weeks ago, creator Tyler was discovered at an auction at the Monaco Legend Group. This auction is an event dedicated to selling rare and unique Cartier works. Pictures of Tyler and his Dali-style Cartier crash, taken by legendary collector Jon Goldberger, zoomed the world of watches at record speeds. The image was captured by Tyler, the creator of the Epic Watch collection, a man I’ve never met. Until the fall of 2020, rappers were rarely seen except for the $ 11 Casio. Suddenly he jumped out into Monaco to splatter into the classy Cartier wristwear. A fellow participant at the Monaco Legend Auction described Tyler as “super cool and discrete.” They said Tyler moved away from the top lot and instead chose what they described as “easy.” Tyler knows he has gone away with at least one of these “simple” pieces. Writer Nick Gould found Tyler in the LACMA Art + Film Gala wearing what looks like the Cartier Obs quadrant, which sold for € 9,100, or just over $ 10,000. At the Monaco auction.

Another new Cartier Tyler 👀

Kevin Winter

The quadrant isn’t the only Cartier styler recently added to the collection. While playing at the American Music Awards this weekend, Tyler wore another unusual-looking watch with dome-shaped edges protruding from the top and bottom of the dial. It’s hard to say for sure which watch Tyler is wearing because of the quality of the photo, but its unique features provide a pretty useful clue. According to watch dealer and Cartier collector Eric Coo, the dome-shaped case and edges are characteristic of a model called the Duoplan. Both Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier have created “versions of different shapes and sizes,” Ku says. Add both Duoplan and Quadrant to Tyler’s collection, which already includes Crash, Tank, and Santos-Dumont.

Taylor hill

Tyler, the Creator’s Cartier Obs Orthant

Yes, Tyler tastes great. The quadrant is a very rare watch. Most watch numbers are on the inside of the dial, but Tyler watches have a wide bezel that fits them instead. And since Tyler almost certainly got this piece from the Monaco Legend Auction, we have a lot of information about it. This model may have been introduced in the late 20’s, but Tyler’s watches were manufactured in Paris in the 80’s. This piece also comes with an original box and paper that is a collector’s catnip.

Astrid Stawiarz

Daniel Dae Kim’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

Many celebrities own Nautilus watches these days, but few like Kim’s watches.Kim showed off this watch in an episode Hodinkee“Talking Watch” admitted that he was less interested in the more casual Nautilus when he first started collecting. Over time, he learned to evaluate the model and tried to track Patek Philippe’s first Nautilus, the Reference 3700, to date. Even cooler: Kim’s caseback is engraved with the name of the original owner. As Patek loves to say, “You never actually own Patek Philippe, you just take care of it for the next generation.”

David L. Nemeck

Blake Griffin Rolex GMT Master II “Root Beer”

Griffin has been struggling hard on the Brooklyn Nets coat so far this season, but his outfit away from hardwoods wonderful. (In contrast to Deion Sanders’ axioms, he often plays with good looks.) He’s on the trend of mohair and this absolutely dynamite watch before Nets plays in Cleveland on Monday. I was wearing it. The black and brown “root beer” is another GMT model inspired by soda machines (there are also blue and red “Pepsi” and red and black “cola”). What makes Griffin’s work stand out is the fascinating 18K rose gold used in the cases and bracelets.

Roy Roclin

Kevin Hart’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Kevin Hart’s watch spotting never disappoints. Here he wears AP’s flagship Royal Oak model with an openwork dial.How are you a magician Never reveal their secret Because if they do, it all turns out to be just a big stupid trick? This is the opposite. AP wants to open it all up and show how the watch works. This is just to make this little machine even more impressive.

Stephen Gosling

Bradley Beal Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

This is absolutely a feeling-my own watch. It’s right for beer to wear it with the Washington Wizards and start a much hotter season than everyone expected. Case? !! The 8-carat “King Gold” is a metal Hublot developed to deliver warm tones. strap? Oh, only crocodile leather. If this is what you get after this quick start, imagine a watch that the beer would have to pull if the with remained in the upper half of the Eastern Conference. In Monique’s words, “I want to see it.”

Creator Tyler is assembling the legendary Cartier collection

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