Cramer’s Round Lightning: Linde is a purchase

Switch Inc .: “Data center, hot. If you understand the business, [insiders who were buying the stock] probably, ‘Let’s take matters into our own hands and buy the shares’. I think the stock is very cheap. It’s the kind of action that can work. ”

FS KKR Capital Corp .: “I don’t know what they have. I mean, of course, they give a lot, but that always makes me suspicious, not comfortable. I don’t think I’ve opened up what they think, and I can’t say no, so I’ll say no.”

BHP Group Ltd: “The dividend is pretty big, considering … the rest of the cohorts are a lot slower. But I like BHP a lot, I think it’s a good idea.”

Linde PLC: “I was outraged that Linde had fallen so much … The company had an unbelievable quarter, the business is incredibly strong, industrial gas is a great business. Why the hell is so much stock falling now, I agree. .

Autodesk Inc .: “I think it’s been a long wait. We need to see a better quarter. That last quarter disappointed me, ‘hey, is that all you can do?’ Let’s wait and see. “

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable Trust holds shares in Linde PLC.

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Cramer’s Round Lightning: Linde is a purchase

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