Cowboys are already impressed with the new defensive coordinator Dunquin

The new defensive coordinator, Dunquin, will cut his job for him, but the Dallas Cowboys already want them to choose the right person for the job.

Dallas — Dunquin hasn’t actually coached the person yet, but the Dallas Cowboys are happy with the new defense coordinator.

Former Atlanta Falcons coaches from 2015-20 were talked about at a press conference at the Star on Wednesday to discuss quarterback Dak Prescott’s contract extension.

“In my view, Dan has some great skin on the walls,” said Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones. “He has great experience. He has the skills of a person. You can see that when you are around him. He is certainly an avid football coach and covers many areas. There are a lot of tapes, so to speak, if you were talking about the player. “

Jones also said the club has information on how Quinn fits into their roster. Quinn fits naturally, given that the roster consists primarily of players built for the Tampa Cover 2 scheme that Dallas performed in 2013-19.

From 2013 to 2014, Quinn was the Seattle Seahawks Defense Coordinator under Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll performed a variation of the defense that the Cowboys were doing. All roads lead to Montekifin, Carroll’s mentor, who was the Cowboys defense coordinator in 2013. Next season, Rod Marinelli, a Dallas defenseline coach and another Kiffin’s disciple, took over as defense coordinator.

In 2018, Dallas added former Seahawks defensive coordinator Chris Richard as a pass game coordinator and defensive back coach.

It’s as if the Cowboys defense had lost the proper defense coordinator to carry out their plans.

“He was absolutely perfect for us to come here in this situation,” Jones said. “He is very influential and influential in the way we put together personnel for defense. I think he has that kind of trust.”

Quinn’s reputation has been tainted by the average fan due to the Falcons’ historic 28-3 collapse at the Super Bowl LI to the New England Patriots, who won 34-28 overtime. But strictly as a defensive coordinator, Quinn was part of the Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX victory at the end of the 2013 campaign, before the club succumbed to the Patriots following the infamous Russell Wilson interception the following year. Helped Seattle title defense-Yardline in Super Bowl XLIX.

The Seahawks haven’t progressed from the split round since Quinn’s departure. The corps of booms that Quinn helped form has not been the same since then.

Former Falcons players praise the Cowboys for adding Quinn as a defensive coordinator, according to Prescott.

“I think the most noticeable thing is that you can say. The most fulfilling thing for me was listening to the people he was coaching and my ex-teammates. [fullback] Keith Smith and the other guys said, “Hey, you’ll love this guy,” Prescott said. To be on the offensive side and know your opponent, your defense will instill that belief in them. “

The Cowboys also hope that Quinn can maximize the defensive talent of the ball.

“Whether it’s DeMarcus Lawrence, Layton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, Randy Gregory, or an up-and-coming young man like Galimore or Trysten Hill, we I think we’re defending a lot of great players, “said Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Cowboys. “There’s a lot to work there and I think he’ll get rid of it from them. He thinks they’ll put in place a system where they can play hard and fast and play with confidence in what they’re doing. And go do our week in terms of improving it in the off-season, I think we’re going to check that box. “

The Seahawks haven’t participated in the conference championship round since Quinn left. Dallas expects him to be the missing part to qualify for a round that hasn’t been done since 1996.

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Cowboys are already impressed with the new defensive coordinator Dunquin

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