COVID Vaccine Texas: Over 60,000 Wasted Dose Reported in June

Most of the wasted dose was due to two power outages in the arsenal used for storage, the Texas Department of Health told WFAA.

Dallas-Texas has seen a dramatic surge in wasted doses of the COVID-19 vaccine reported in the first week of June. Within the state, the number of reported waste doses was increasing, but power outages at two facilities led to a significant increase.

The Texas Department of Health reported to the WFAA that more than 60,000 people were wasted during the week of June 1.

According to DSHS, the outage and waste actually occurred in May, but vaccine manufacturers had to determine if the dose was feasible before reporting.

Of the 60,000 doses, a total of 34,172 doses were given to all three vaccines lost in the Houston arsenal, wasting 13,018 Pfizer and Moderna doses in the San Antonio arsenal. It was.

These stored doses were primarily intended for rapid distribution to local providers and mobile teams. The DSHS added that the dose would be removed from the arsenal to prevent this from happening in the future.

State officials said the new vendor would be able to monitor continuously and keep the vaccine “always” at the correct temperature.

State officials are working with local health departments and their regional offices to increase access and distribution of vaccines, but added that there are no new initiatives across the state.

To date, more than 13.1 million people in the state have been vaccinated with a single COVID vaccine, and approximately 10.8 million Texas people have been fully vaccinated, according to state data. Over 54% of residents over the age of 12 receive at least one dose. Data show that over 70% of Texas people over the age of 65 are fully vaccinated.

Wasted dose of COVID-19 in Texas

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COVID Vaccine Texas: Over 60,000 Wasted Dose Reported in June

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