COVID-19 vaccine

We strictly follow the distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine. We are registered to deliver the vaccine to patients, if available. At this time, the COVID-19 vaccine is only given to healthcare and key workers. We will announce the vaccine as soon as it is available to patients. For more information, please continue to visit our website or social media account. Protect yourself and our community by continuing to wear masks and social distances.

Our clinic is safe. If you are ill or have never seen a doctor this year, consider seeing a doctor directly. For everyday care, stay home and let me take care of you on TV.


It’s been over 10 months since this pandemic happened, and now we can start a counterattack. It is imperative that the majority of our population be vaccinated when the vaccine comes out. I understand that I may be reluctant or afraid to get vaccinated because of the potential side effects. There may be body pain / headache / low-grade fever / pain at the injection site, but these are expected to be mild and short-term. I received the vaccine on 12/18/20, like many other HTMG doctors. Other than pain, I have not experienced any other side effects. Consider signing up for vaccination as this will be your first step in protecting yourself, your family, colleagues, and our patients.

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COVID-19 vaccine

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