COVID-19 can suppress memory, brain impairment: a study

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COVID-19 can slow down the brain, reduce gray matter in areas that control mood and memory, and damage areas that control the sense of smell, it has been found in an Oxford University study.

The scientists said the effects were seen in people who were not treated with COVID, and if the effect was reversed or they continued for a long time they would need a new trial.


“There is strong evidence of brain-related damage in COVID-19,” the researchers said in their study, which was released Monday.

A patient with Long COVID was diagnosed with post-coronavirus infection (COVID-19) at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, February 21, 2022. Retrieved February 21, 2022.
(REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

Although in low cases, participants in the study reported “increased performance” responsible for monitoring and organizing, and on average, the amount of brain activity decreased among the participants. 0.2% and 2%.

COVID-19 disease interferes with mental health problems, eating disorders: studies.

The peer-reviewed study, published in the journal Nature, investigated brain changes in 785 participants aged 51-81 whose brain was seen twice, including 401 people caught COVID between their two scans. The second scan was performed on average 141 days after the first scan.

The study was conducted when the alpha type was dominant in the UK and probably did not include anything that had a delta type.

Studies have shown that some people with COVID have “brain fog” or cognitive impairment related to impaired vision, thinking, speed of information transfer and memory.

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The researchers did not say if the drug had an effect on COVID in nature but the UK Health Security Agency said last month a review of 15 studies found that those detained in the area half of the development of COVID -length symptoms compared with those without.

COVID-19 can suppress memory, brain impairment: a study

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