Could CBD Aid Treatment of COVID-19?

It seems that stemming coronavirus transmission is an impossible task. Outbreaks keep setting the world back, with many areas in Europe now starting to insist on mandatory vaccination and returning to lockdown. However, new research has suggested that CBD oil could effectively treat this potentially fatal disease. We already know that CBD oil has a wealth of health benefits in many different areas, and its effects on the body seem to be far-reaching and impressive. So why do researchers think that CBD oil could aid the treatment of COVID-19?

 Existing Infections and Long Covid

A lot of research is focused on treating the condition when the infection has already taken hold. Long Covid is becoming an increasingly complex problem to tackle. We know that one of the most dangerous components of the virus is its effect on the lungs. It has caused many patients to be intubated and subsequently die because the inflammation in the lungs has not been reduced in time. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is the medical term for this overreaction by the body, which is also sometimes called a cytokine storm.

The Cytokine Storm

Whether it has been caused by the COVID-19 infection or something else, the Cytokine Storm is regarded as incurable. It can only be dealt with by supportive measures that limit and effectively end life sooner than hoped. It is therefore very promising that CBD can potentially positively influence the outcome for patients. Researchers have discovered that CBD can help to bring down the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokine production. This, in turn, helps to bring down the storm effect. There are specific cytokine markers that need to be reduced so that respiratory distress can be ended without long-term damage.

Tested on Mice

At this stage, the research has only reached the animal testing phase, but results seem promising. Mice were artificially induced to suffer from the acute respiratory distress syndrome to mimic the symptoms that appear in patients of COVID-19 who have severe lung issues. One of the things that happen to the body is the blood oxygen saturation drops, so this condition was also replicated. In addition, it was seen that the lungs of the mice showed structural damage. At this point, CBD was given to the test subjects, and the symptoms seemed to reverse, either partially or totally, and all levels, including blood oxygen saturation, returned to healthy normal is.

A Positive Start

While more research and approval for the treatment will be needed, the researchers say this is a very positive start. They are confident that CBD will work regardless of what infection has caused the issue. A spokesperson for the team has said that CBD has been proven to have an anti-inflammatory response. This, when used with patients in severe respiratory distress, reduces the effects of the cytokines storm and wipe out the inflammation.

 Other Side Effects of COVID-19

Of course, there are other side effects for patients who have suffered particularly nasty bouts of COVID-19. However, CBD oil already has a myriad of uses impacting most of the major systems in the body. It is a painkiller. It can reduce inflammation, it can calm anxiety and depression, as well as many other positive things. The good thing about CBD oil is that it is widely available and also plant-based, and natural. Often when combating post-viral problems or trying to keep a patient from succumbing to a cytokine storm, the drugs used are chemical by nature and therefore have other side effects that place a further strain on the body. CBD Oil does not have any adverse side effects making it the perfect choice.


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