Coronavirus stimulation efforts are showing momentum

Democratic leaders will show on Wednesday that they are ready to reduce their next coronavirus bailout demand and can reach an agreement with the Republicans by the end of the year to boost struggling businesses and homes. It fueled the hope.

Parliamentary leaders have been plagued by disagreements for months. But as a sign that the party’s conflict has eased, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Party of California) and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (Democratic Party of New York) announced on Tuesday that the new bipartisan party The $ 908 billion bailout proposal is the starting point for talks with Republican leaders and the White House.

“In the spirit of compromise, we believe that the bipartisan framework introduced by Senators yesterday should be used as the basis for immediate bicameral bicameral negotiations,” said Mrs. Pelosi and Schumer. He said in a joint statement. “Of course, we and others provide improvement, but we believe there is an immediate need to act and we can reach an agreement in good faith negotiations.”

The Democratic Party has previously merged a bill of about $ 2.4 trillion passed by the House of Representatives. The bill includes measures such as funding state and local governments and food stamps that are excluded from Republican proposals. A recent bill by Republican leaders cost about $ 500 billion. But on Tuesday, a new bipartisan group announced a $ 908 billion proposal aimed at helping workers and businesses until March.

Senate majority Whip John Thune (R., SD) said it was a move in the right direction for Democratic leaders to focus on negotiations centered on bipartisan proposals. “They have become rational, and I think it can help us reach a solution,” he said.

Coronavirus stimulation efforts are showing momentum

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