Conwy Council switches business and financial systems to SaaS

The Conwy County Borough Council is replacing its onsite legacy business management and financial systems with a software as a service (SaaS) platform as a cloud-based service.

A single Welsh municipality will switch to an integrated One Council solution under a contract with SaaS provider TechnologyOne.

The new software migration is expected to help Conwy, which employs more than 4,400 people and serves 118,000 residents, improve real-time financial decision-making and business reporting.

Hundreds of managers and council executives need to have fully integrated financial and business management tools. These include general ledger, accounts payable, purchase-to-payment, expense management, procurement and financial reporting.

The new software also includes budget forecasting and asset management modules that are currently managed in spreadsheets.

Another goal is to increase the resilience of your business by making the SaaS platform accessible to employees at any time, anywhere, on any device, through an online portal.

Maintenance, data storage, and software upgrades are performed remotely by the new council contractor, which is expected to reduce internal IT support costs.

Sandra Forrest, Head of Accounting and Exchequer at Conwy, described the new system as “a modern, intuitive and cost-effective financial system.”

She added: “This gives us better access to administrative information and facilitates decision making.

“Employees have access while on the go, which saves time because teams can order new products and approve team expenses while on the move.”

Conwy Council switches business and financial systems to SaaS

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