Contest vs. Rival San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys Facts

The Dallas Cowboys won six of nine meetings with the San Francisco 49ers this century after the team fought legendary battles throughout the 1990s.

Dallas — The NFL’s hottest rivals in the 90’s couldn’t stand the New York Giants-Cleveland Browns match as the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers visits deviated from the Golden Time of the 15th week.

Nevertheless, the game remains important to Dallas’ long-decreasing playoff hopes. In 4-9, if something very unlikely happens in the last three weeks of the season, the Cowboys can bring back the NFC Crown for the second year in a row and the associated playoff game.

Meanwhile, the 49ers have entered the unfortunately injured 2020 season following the introduction of the Super Bowl LIV 10 months ago. As of 5-8, San Francisco has not yet been excluded from the playoffs consideration, but they are on the same boat as Dallas and need to win and get help.

Here are 100 facts and stats when the Cowboys renewed their rivalry with the Nainers in the 37th game of the series:

Series facts

The Cowboys are the fifth 4-9 in franchise history. None of the previous four teams played off (2000, 2001, 2010, 2015).

-Since 1990, 0 of the 102 teams that started 5-9 have played off. Twenty-three of the 102 lost in the remaining two games.

-Since 1990, 0 of the 78 teams that started 4-10 have played off. 41 out of 78 lost in the remaining two games.

The -49ers are the 10th 5-8 in club history. None of these previous nine teams played off (1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2010).

-Since 1990, 4 of the 108 teams that started 6-8 have played off and 2 of the 4 teams have won the division.

-The Cowboys have a record of 18-17-1 against the 49ers and 8-8-1 at home.

The 8-8-1 record at home for the -49ers includes this breakdown by venue.

  • Cotton Bowl: 1-1-1

  • Texas Stadium: 7-6

  • AT & T Stadium: 0-1

-The Cowboys set a 1-1 record at home, 3-4 against the 49ers in December.

-Since 1970, the Cowboys have been 154-114 in early afternoon games and have a record of 72-40 at home.

-Since 1970, the 49ers have been 97-105-1 in the early afternoon games, with a record of 95-105-1.

-The Cowboys are 124-104-1 in December, including the playoffs, and have a record of 62-43 at home.

The -49ers were 155-102-2 in December, including the playoffs, with a record of 56-55.

-San Francisco has a record of 94-101-2 CST, including the playoffs, and 36-44 in early afternoon games.

Andy Dalton Facts

-Dalton has partnered with Philip Rivers to have a 7.0th lowest intended airyard for each pass attempt.

-Dalton was tied with Mitch Trubisky and Justin Herbert to win the fifth lowest completed airyard at 3.5 for each pass attempt.

-Dalton is tied to Alex Smith with 2.7, the eighth highest interception rate in the league.

-Dalton is connected by two and the fifth highest red zone intercepts.

-Dalton draws 4 on the 6th most intercept on the first down.

-Of the quarterbacks with at least 50 first down passes, Dalton has the lowest passer rating of 69.6.

-Dalton’s 167.5 passing yards per game is the second lowest quarterback that has started multiple games this season.

-Dalton has the eighth lowest passer rating in the NFL at 83.9.

-Dalton is one-fourteenth and one in eighteen quarterbacks this season, and this season has multiple fourth-quarter comebacks and a drive to win the game.

-Dalton is 0-2 against the 49ers with a 69.0 passer rating.

-Dalton’s last win in a series of games as a starter was in 2018 when he led the Cincinnati Bengals to victory in the 4th and 5th weeks.

Facts of Nick Morens

-Mullens has partnered with Derek Carr, Matthew Stafford and Teddy Bridgewater to win the 10th highest yard at 7.6 for each pass attempt.

-Mullens has the third lowest intended airyard per pass attempt in 6.1.

-Mullens has the 10th highest yard per completion at 11.7.

-Mullens tied at 3.6 with the 8th lowest completed airyard per pass attempt.

-Mullens’s passer rating is 85.7, the ninth lowest in the league.

-Mullens is tied to Cam Newton, Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray with the 8th most common passcut at 10.

-Mullens has partnered with Russell Wilson, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Daniel Jones to make the most red zone passcuts of the three.

-Mullens was 9 in Bridgewater, Newton, Herbert and Thailand with the 8th most sack in the first down.

-Mullens has benefited 1,169 yards after catching, the most of any quarterback with 10 starts or less.

-Mullens was britted with 98 in his dropback. That’s 31.8% of his dropback, the highest Blitz rate in the NFL.

-Mullens has a 1-3 record against NFC East and 1-1 records in road and neutral site games.

Facts of Ezekiel Elliott

-Elliott has the eighth fastest yard in the league at 832.

-Elliott picked up the third most down on the ground at 55.

-Of the running backs with at least 150 carries, Elliott’s 3.9 yards per carry is the fourth lowest in the league.

-Of the running backs with at least 150 carries, Elliott’s 64.0 rushyard per game is the 10th lowest in the NFL.

-Elliott won the NFL’s ninth-highest 426 yards after contact.

-Elliott won the 7th most red zone carry at 38.

-Elliott took the 8th most first down carry at 121.

-Elliott recorded 506 rush yards in the NFL’s ninth-most first down.

-Among the running backs, Elliott’s 14 ground-based third down conversions are the third most common in the NFL.

-Elliott’s 21 rush in the third down is the second most in the league in running back.

Mike McCarthy Facts

-McCarsi was the 49ers attack coordinator in 2005 under the current Dallas defense coordinator, rookie coach Mike Nolan.

-McCassi is 4-9 for the first time in his career.

-McCarthyism is 5-4 against the 49ers and has a 3-2 record at home.

-McCarthy’s 5-4 record against the 49ers is second best against NFC West opponents.

  • Rams: .625 (5-3)

  • 49ers: .555 (5-4)

  • Seahawks: .500 (6-6)

  • Cardinal: .375 (3-5)

-McCarthyism is 36-18 in December and has a record of 22-5 at home.

-McCarthyism has a record of 40-15-1 at home, 67-53-1 against the coach who won the playoffs.

-McCarthyism is 14-7 against backup quarterbacks, with 11-4 records at home.

-McCarthyism is 8-20-1, with a backup quarterback with a 3-13-1 record at home.

-McCarthyism is a challenge with a 1: 2 record in 2020, 95:48.

Kyle Shanahan Facts

-In 2017, Shanahan started his career 0-6. The last 49ers new coach in 1979 was Bill Walsh. Walsh also made San Francisco enter the Super Bowl in the third season.

-Shanahan has a 2 to 2 record, 3-6 against the NFC East.

-Shanahan lost to the Cowboys 0-1 and 40-10 at Levi’s Stadium on October 22, 2017.

-Shanahan has a 3 to 5 record in 2020 and a 14 to 24 challenge.

Broadcast facts

-The Cowboys and 49ers haven’t played a prime-time match together since San Francisco defeated Dallas at Texas Stadium 24-6 on ESPN Sunday Night Football on November 11, 1990.

-This is the 20th Cowboys vs. 49ers contest to be held on CBS, including the playoffs. This is a record of the Cowboys series, sorted by network.

  • CBS: 10-8-1

  • ABC: 1-1

  • FOX: 7-7

  • ESPN: 0-1

-The Cowboys and 49ers last played at CBS in the 1993 NFC Championship Game.

-The Cowboys are 25-18 years old on the network as CBS has taken over the AFC package. Overall, the Cowboys are 292-195-6 on CBS, including the postseason.

-This week’s commentator pair is Kevin Harlan and Trent Green, making it the 25th different pair in the series.

-The Cowboys are Harlan and 2-1.

-The Cowboys have never had a green as a commentator.

-Pat Summerall has called the most games in the series’ broadcast talent at 15, two of which feature Jackback as live.

-This is the 14th early game in the series, including the playoffs, and the 12th in Dallas.

Land Clark Facts

-This week’s referee is Land Clark. Land Clark is in his second year as an NFL officer and will be the first referee.

-Clark has taken over Walt Anderson’s crew as Sugarland natives retired during the 2020 offseason.

-The Cowboys didn’t have Clark before, but the 49ers did have Clark on October 11th. Lost to Miami Dolphins 43-17. There were even more penalties in San Francisco: 7/75 to 7/69. There was no challenge in the game.

-Clark is tied with the fifth highest home team win percentage at .583.

-Clark has absolutely the lowest percentage of home teams and a low penalty of .250.

-Clark’s games are the second most common per game, with 5.4 sack per contest.

-Clark is tied to the 5th highest aggressive holding call per game, 2.1 per contest.

-Clark is in the middle of the puck with a challenge overturn rate of 4 to 7 (.571).

-Amari Cooper has the 10th most reception in the NFL at 80.

-Four intercepts were thrown when targeting Cooper, making him the sixth most tie in the NFL.

-Deebo Samuel has the highest yard after a catch per reception at 12.1.

-Jaron Smith has the second most tackle at 123.

-Demarcus Lawrence and Donovan Wilson are tied together in the seventh strongest fumble, three by three.

-The Cowboys have the seventh lowest takeout at 14 in Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears and Thailand.

-The Cowboys defense is tied to Jaguar and the New England Patriots with the ninth lowest penalty at 69.

The -49ers defense is tied to the New York Giants with the fifth lowest penalty of 66.

-49ers missed the fewest tackles in the 59.

-San Francisco produces 23 sack, the 10th most in the league.

-The Cowboys dialed 107 electric shocks, tied to the NFL’s fourth-lowest Patriots.

-Forty-niners abandoned 1,310 yards after the third-lowest catch in the league.

-The Cowboys gave up 1,355 yards after the sixth-lowest catch in the NFL.

-The Cowboys have tied up with Jaguar, Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets to achieve the most passed touchdown that surrendered at 28.

-Dallas lost 43 tackles and is tied to Titan, the fifth lowest in the league.

-Opposites have put together a 104.2 passer rating against the NFL’s fifth-highest Cowboys.

-Dallas abandons NFL’s most 162.7 rushyard per game.

-San Francisco has abandoned 105.8 yards per game, the eighth highest overall.

-The Cowboys have abandoned 5.1 yards per carry, the most in the league.

The -49ers are tied to Jets at 3.9 yards per carry, the fourth smallest yard.

-The Cowboys kick-off return yard averages 25.8, the fourth highest.

-The Cowboys are 2-1 on December 20th. The results are as follows.

  • 1970 – OTI, 52-10 – W

  • 1998 – PHI, 13-9 – W

  • 2008 – RAV, 24-33 – L

-49ers is December 20th. The results are as follows.

  • 1970 – @ RAI, 38-7 – W

  • 1981 – @ NO, 21-17 – W

  • 1987 – ATL, 35-7 – W

  • 1998 – @ NE, 21-24 – L

  • 2009 – @ PHI, 13-27 – L

  • 2014 – SDG, 35-38 – L-OT

  • 2015 – CIN, 14-24 – L

-The Cowboys have five birthdays to celebrate on December 20th.

  • 1942 – Bob Hayes, WR, 1965-74

  • 1957 – Don Smerek, DT, 1981-87

  • 1961 – Nate Newton, G, 1986-98

  • 1981 – Roy Williams, WR, 2008-10

  • 1996 – Joe Jackson, DE, 2019

-The Cowboys also have one death to remember on December 20th. In 2015, former recipient Ray Matthews died. Matthews played for the first team in 1960, his only year at the Cowboys.

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Contest vs. Rival San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys Facts

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