Congressman Green and Dinger enter a screaming match at the Capitol step over an abortion bill

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene participated in a screaming match with Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell on the steps of the Capitol over abortion.

A “terrifying” Georgian fire department shouted at a group of Democrats who had just passed the Women’s Health Protection Act trying to codify the Roe v. Wade case. “You should all be ashamed.”

House approves major abortion-DEMS slum Supreme Court rights bill over Texas abortion ruling

Dingell, who represents the 12th district of Michigan, accused Green of showing “lack of politeness.”

“That’s right?” Green replied. “Killing a baby until childbirth is a lack of politeness. It’s called murder.”

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“We have a lot of laws to follow,” Dingell counterattacked. “You should practice the basics taught in the church: respect your neighbors.”

Green disagreed with the statement, saying, “Did you teach in the church? Are you kidding me? Become a Christian and support your life.”

“You become a Christian and treat your colleagues properly!” Dingel replied. “

Dingle then appeared to have stumbled upon one of the steps of the Capitol and was stabilized by Democrat Frank Pallone.

“Watch out for your feet, Lady. You will fall,” Green said. “Please do it.”

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Dingel acknowledged the exchange on Twitter and said he taught Americans two things. “1-Be a good neighbor 2-Don’t ruin a Michigan woman”

Greene’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox News.

Democrats early in the day passed it Abortion pros are mainly among parties.

The Republican-led motion to recommit (basically a procedural delay tactic) failed in the 210-219 party line vote just before the final vote. The total number of votes cast to pass the bill was 218-211, with one Democrat voted against it. The Democrat was Congressman Henry Cuellar of D-Texas.

It is highly unlikely that the bill, led by D-Calif Rep. Judychu, will be enacted, as Republicans are expected to interfere with the Senate. However, historical movements have emphasized the Democratic Party’s commitment to unlimited abortion rights.

“Abortion care is a fundamental human right,” said Democrat Ayanna Pressley.

Republicans argue that if the bill is enacted, it corresponds to official support by the US government to kill children.

“Democrats in favor of abortion have revealed a true vision of abortion policy in the United States by promoting a seemingly named women’s health protection law. The bill is not extreme-a deadly procedure. It invalidates all restricting state legislation-even the popular late abortion legislation-and abolishes health and safety regulations designed to protect women. ”

Tyler Olson contributed to this report

Congressman Green and Dinger enter a screaming match at the Capitol step over an abortion bill

Source link Congressman Green and Dinger enter a screaming match at the Capitol step over an abortion bill

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