Concern for the privacy of the fertility monitoring application

AUSTIN, Texas – Nicole Perry is a high school student in Central Texas and a proud advocate for equality and women’s rights, especially when it comes to taking a stand on issues related to her body.

Following the leaked Supreme Court draft that could possibly be overturned Roe against WadePerry is one of millions of women who express concern about data and privacy related to popular period tracking apps.

“There are so many benefits to technology and that we can quickly turn it into something used to controlling people, it was scary,” Perry said.

Perry believes the apps make it easier for women to manage life in general as they plan ahead.

“It’s very personal to share someone’s reproductive organs, their cycle. That’s very, very invasive. “

Privacy experts believe that if abortion becomes illegal statewide, application data could be used in court or sold to a third party as evidence. Data could be tracked when someone has had or is considering an abortion.

“At first I thought it was a joke, because they really didn’t want to take data from the period tracking app, they didn’t want to track people’s fertilization and cycles like that,” Perry said.

Daly Barnett is a technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She says the data shared from period tracking apps is a real concern for women across the country.

“The overturning of Roe against Wade it has not yet officially happened. We are waiting for this to happen in June. But we already have so many examples of data being used against people, so the best we can do now is speculate and we are not sure how these platforms will respond to requests, citations and orders from the authorities. However, it is a very real concern. I think we need to think broader than that. There could be data from the whole fingerprint of people that can be used as weapons in this case, ”Barnett said.

Concern for the privacy of the fertility monitoring application

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