Company Registration Is Designed To Look Out For Your Best Interests.

Many people who are in business always want to do things that are easy and that won’t get them tied up in rules and regulations. This is why many new business owners decide to commit to being a sole trader or as being part of a double partnership. They think that this affords them the protection that they need, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Unfortunately, many people have to experience the downsides of such a business venture and they only learn their lesson when they have been punished financially and emotionally. Everyone needs to know that registrying your company is designed to help you and not to hold you back. It is there to take care of your interests and it is put in place to separate you personally from your business entity.


If you’re currently in business and you would like to find out more about protecting yourself and your family, please have a look here at to get a full appreciation of what company registration can mean to you and how you can protect yourself financially further down the line. It separates you from your business liabilities so that in the event that the proverbial hits the fan, your personal belongings including your home are protected. Here are some other business benefits for registering your company.


  1. Less tax payments – People wrongfully assume that if they are a sole trader that they will pay less tax than that of a registered company. The opposite is in fact true and as a registered business, you get to enjoy the various tax breaks that are afforded to your company. The money that you spend on your business including marketing, training and many other company expenses are all tax deductible and you will get all of this money back. The reality is that the tax rate for a registered company is lower than that of an individual and you can take that to the bank. It is important that you make mature decisions when it comes to registering your business.Here are content about weak growth, for your reference.


  1. Your liability is limited – If you continue on in the current situation that you find yourself in, then you as a sole trader are liable for any financial losses that your business experiences. This means that if there is a court order awarded against you, then if you don’t have the necessary money that the court orders, you must sell your personal belongings which includes your home and your car in order to satisfy the debt. This is not a situation that you want to find yourself in and so the way to avoid is to register your company and then it will be seen as a totally separate legal entity with its own responsibilities financial or otherwise. To learn more about doing business in Malaysia, have a look here.

Now that you know the company registration is there to help you in your business endeavors, please make sure that you talk to the relevant service provider to get it put into place now, in case anything goes wrong in the short or long term. This will be one of the smartest decisions that you will make for yourself and your business.

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