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That’s not necessarily a bad thing in the sports betting industry. Big payoff promises attract most people. And with lots of payouts in New Jersey in September, the beginning of the NFL season has produced the highest number ever. In some states, sports betting has become legal in some parts of the country.

With a lot of losses, New Jersey casinos put $ 82 million out of that $ 1 billion in their pockets, allowing them to hold just over 8%.

Margins are not large in sports betting, but the potential benefits are large. As a result, the largest players in the sportsbook industry are fighting for valuable market share in more than 20 states where sports betting is legal, banging it on air and online.

Another state joined the party last month when Arizona began allowing bets just in time for Arizona to catch up with the undefeated Arizona Cardinals tide.

Sports betting is expanding faster than anyone imagined when the Supreme Court opened the locks and allowed the state to legalize long-standing illegal closed-door activities in most parts of the country. increase. Radio waves are filled with ads promoting different betting apps, and it’s hard to watch any kind of game without reminding the announcer that different betting angles are being played.

Betters used to have to bet in the back room of a corner drugstore or behind a game stand, but now they can bet in seconds with the push of a few buttons on their cell phone. increase. The ease of online betting is driving the overall surge, with nine of the $ 10 bets in New Jersey in September being made online.

Column: Sports betting becomes more reliable | National News

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