Colorado Police Announces Five Arrests for Boulder Riot

Police in Boulder, Colorado, arrested five people earlier this month in connection with a riot at an unruly street party near the University of Colorado, officials said Monday.

Police said a riot broke out at University Hill on March 6, causing three SWAT officers to be struck by bricks and rocks, causing property damage.

Colorado police have released images of PERPS during the Boulder weekend riots.

The five arrested are Boland Dodge, 21,. 24-year-old Brandon and Eric Hoover. Garrett Doyle, 22; said 21-year-old Parker Clemmons, Boulder Police.

All five were charged with one misdemeanor for violating public health order in a riot.

Dodge was also charged with interfering with government activities. Hoovers also faced charges of disobedience to public security orders under riots, obstructed highways, and faced a count of chaotic acts of misdemeanor.

Doyle was also charged with one felony of intimidation and one felony of an attempted second offense against a police officer.

Clemmon faced an extra charge for a mischievous detective prank.

An unruly party near the University of Colorado at Boulder vows to arrest police

Police made their first arrest on March 10 and charged 20-year-old Henry M. Charduck with a felony first-class criminal illicit invasion, a misdemeanor criminal mischief, and a misdemeanor involved in a riot. did.

In addition to criminal charges from the city and county, the University of Colorado at Boulder states that students found to be involved in riots may face disciplinary action, including permanent dropouts. It was unknown whether any of the arrested attended school.

Property damaged during the riot included fire trucks and armored police cars. According to police, residents’ cars, including those turned over by the mob, also jumped and were damaged.

Police have released several videos in the hope that they will help the general public identify those who participated in the search for those involved in violence and destruction.

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Police released two new videos on Monday, showing different angles of multiple people hanging behind a moving fire engine and shooting down fireworks, and a new angle of a mob who flips the car sideways.

Police said the new video shows more suspects the authorities are trying to identify.

Anyone with information about the individual seen in the video was asked to contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stopper at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Colorado Police Announces Five Arrests for Boulder Riot

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