Collin County community cuisine has opened to fight hunger

Angela Poen and her Bible study friends decided to build a kitchen after learning that there was no kitchen.

McKINNEY, Texas – Angela Poen was completely indifferent.

He had no idea until he studied the Bible, where thousands of people were starving every day in Collin County.

“We started talking about food security,” Poen said.

Worse, there was nowhere to go to eat.

“And I remember saying, ‘Well, we’re just going to raise money and build it,'” Poen said. “It simply came to our notice then. Suddenly, we had to do it. “

So they did.

What started as an idea among friends studying the Bible in 2014 is preparing to open its doors in the coming weeks.

This is called Community Garden Kitchen. It’s at McKinney, and Poen, the president of the kitchen, is sure it’s not another soup kitchen.

Sometimes her mission is to make her feel like a restaurant to reduce the stigma that comes with free food.

With a full-time chef and a volunteer waiter, diners will order from the menu and serve everything except checks, no question.

Poen calls it eating with dignity.

“We just feel that by serving people, it’s going to make their day a little better, maybe a little better,” he said.

The garden, sponsored by Globe Life, is behind the building. Fresh products will be used for cooking and will give guests a chance to learn how to cook their own food.

Guests will also have access to other social services and opportunities that can go a long way in eliminating hunger in the community.

“I definitely think we’re going to reduce food security,” Poen said.

Poe’s friends who studied the Bible could think and pray when they realized that hunger was a problem. But instead, they offered something guaranteed to help: do something about it.

“We pray, we study and we read about it, but you have to get off the boat all of a sudden,” Poen said.

Because walking on water requires courage to take the first step.

For more information on Community Garden Kitchen, visit https://communitygardenkitchen.org/.

Collin County community cuisine has opened to fight hunger

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