Cole failed to repeat, falling from Dallas Madison to the UIL Class 3A State Championship

SAN ANTONIO – Defended state boys’ basketball champion Cole has entered Alamodom, ready to face Dallas Madison with a state title on the line in a match that has been in preparation for two years. Cougars and Trojans missed the opportunity to face each other for the 2020 title due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and each program entered the game as the first and second ranked teams in Texas.

The game answered the noise, but Cole failed.

The Coughers erased a 10-point deficit at halftime to take the lead at the end of the fourth quarter, but failed to take a 53-51 loss to Dallas Madison at a heartbreaking loss to Alamos on Saturday morning. Four top scorers finished in double digits for Cole, led by 14 points from Trey Blackmore. Rodney Getter scored a record 19 points for the Trojans and was named MVP of the match.

The Cougars started the game on their hind legs. Getter scored six of the first eight points of the game, with Madison leading 8-0. After a time-out, Blackmore put the Cougars on the board with a traditional three-point game, but the Trojans still controlled the game and led 15-6 after one. Kenny Atunrase scored a basket early in the second to complete a 7-0 run that pulled Cole in two, but the Trojans quickly put together their own 6-0 run to regain control. They entered the half with a lead of 29-19.


Getter struck again early in the third quarter when Dallas Madison had his biggest lead of the game, 32-20, but Cole took a step into a quick game. Dre Ray struggled to bounce under the basket, receiving the ball for Silas, who then found James Livingston for the first of his two threes to make the match 35-27. After Getter committed an offense in attack, Blackmore realized another game for three points and suddenly the champions in defense returned with 35-30. With 1:11 left, Ray went inside for a lane that pulled Cole even for the first time at 37-37, and Blackmore added a three-pointer from the wing 18 seconds to go as the Cougars took a 40-39 lead in the fourth quarter. Cole beat the Trojans 21-10 in the third.

Both teams exchanged baskets in the final frame until Atunrace led Cole 47-46 with a three-point game in the old-fashioned way. Silas Livingston managed to fall with a float and Ray scored in another pass to give the Cougars a 51-48 lead of 1:37 by the end of the regulation. But in their next reign, Cole turned the ball around and Latrelle Wright made them pay, getting a friendly rebound for a three-pointer that tied the game at 51-51. The Coughers had another chance to take the lead, but lost control of the ball and committed a foul that sent Pierre Hunter to the line with 22 remaining shots. His first attempt was missed, but Kardae Turner pulled the rebound and scored in the basket for the future. Down by two in the final seconds, Blackmore circled the perimeter and dropped a three with a step back to the buzzer, but failed. Dallas Madison stormed the court in celebration as the Cougars watched in disbelief.


“We did a set and they blew it up,” Blackmore said. “I had to improvise. I walked around my first husband, another man stepped up. I saw the clock and there were about two seconds left. I knew we needed a threesome, so I decided.

“I thought it was a great game,” said Cole head coach Noah Cantou. “They jumped ahead early. We fought. That’s what great teams do. They just did a few more plays at the end. We have been here for four consecutive years. It was a great run. I try to tell these guys, “Never take anything for granted.” Success is not a continuum. Just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you’ll continue to be successful and that these guys will fight and get here for four years and take part in the state championship game for three years in a row … It’s a lot harder than people think. “

“We’ve worked hard all season, we’ve come this far, and teams don’t usually go that far,” Silas said. “I know the fans defended us. I know that my teammates protect us. Although we didn’t get the trophy for first place as we wanted, we still won second. “


Cole finished his remarkable season with an overall record of 32-9.

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Cole failed to repeat, falling from Dallas Madison to the UIL Class 3A State Championship

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