Coastal red fish breed in two freshwater lakes near San Antonio

San Antonio – Anglers unfamiliar with South Texas may be surprised to learn that coastal red drums, commonly referred to as redfish, can be caught in two freshwater lakes near San Antonio.

Game fish seeds breed on both Lake Calavera and Lake Braunig, just minutes from downtown. The temptation to catch these powerful fish near their homes attracts people to the lake all year round.

Oscar Castillo, who runs the San Antonio-based non-profit Fin Addict Angler Foundation, states that the two reservoirs are Redfish’s main real estate.

“Lake Braunich is a bit small, but Lake Calaveras is a big radiator support for the CPS Energy Plant,” he said. “For 85% of the year, this water is warm because it is a large cooling system for the plant.”

He says salt deficiency is also a factor. Red fish in these lakes do not breed.

“Because they don’t breed, they grow twice as fast, so these redfish grow really fast because of the warm water and the lack of salt,” Castillo added.


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Local fishing guides from Red Dawg Yak Fishing and 3rd Degree Fishing have confirmed that the minimum length for harvesting red fish from Calavera and Lake Braunig is 20 inches. The daily limit is 3 per person.

Adults require a fishing license, but Texas Parks & Wildlife does not require red drum tags captured in these lakes.

How many red fish are there? In 2018, Texas Parks & Wildlife reported raising more than 200,000 juveniles on Lake Calaveras. It is the second release of the year and the state releases it to both lakes on a regular basis.

Most of the fishermen and women I speak are lucky to be able to catch local red fish using the chrome “Rat-L-Trap” lure. Gold chrome is the hottest color for this summer. “Rat-L-Traps” are widely available at Wal-Mart, Academy and Bass Pro.


Lake Calavera and Lake Braunig are also home to channels and blue catfish, hybrid striped bass and largemouth bass.

Good luck, or because we anglers want to call it a “tight line”.

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Coastal red fish breed in two freshwater lakes near San Antonio

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