CNN’s Andrew Kachinsky shares a photo of his deceased daughter’s last smile with a plethora of support


Political journalists thank those who contacted their families after sharing the tragic news that their nine-month-old daughter died of a rare tumor.

Andrew Kachinsky I mourn the death of his baby girl. CNN’s political reporter took a photo of the last smile of his nine-month-old child, while the tragic news of the death of his daughter Francesca Kachinsky, who was suffering from a rare tumor, was flooded with support. I shared with him.

The 31-year-old announced the death of his baby on Twitter on Christmas Day, December 25th. In an obituary co-authored by him and his wife Rachel Louise Ensign for their deceased daughter, he wrote: Beautiful daughter Francesca died last night in the arms of her mother and father. ”

“There is always a bean-sized hole in her heart. I am very grateful to know her love. Francesca loves you,” continued the journalist. “Rachel and I tried to write an obituary that captured her short and wonderful life. She was a bold, curious baby with a smile illuminating the room.”

Andrew Kachinsky's Tweet

Andrew Kachinsky has announced the death of his baby Francesca.

The next day, Andrew thanked the people who helped and donated to him and his wife in the wake of Franceska’s death. “Thank you everyone. Your message touched our hearts. We are very grateful for how much money Francesca has raised in honor of Dana-Farber to fight this horrific disease. We spend the rest of our lives finding a cure. “He tweeted.

Andrew Kachinsky

Andrew Kachinsky thanked him and his wife Rachel for their support and donations.

Journalists also shared a clip of Franceska taken in late July. A video of an infant smiling and laughing. “I know there are a lot of people who didn’t know Beans before the cancer diagnosis in September. She had such a flutter at her feet before starting treatment. And we I’m very fortunate that she lived a normal six-month life, “he wrote in a video accompaniment. “This was from the end of July.”

Andrew Kachinsky

Andrew Kaczynski shared a video of Francesca.

Andrew talked about his daughter’s health in mid-September. Using Twitter, he spilled. “Our 6-month-old daughter Francesca was diagnosed with a very rare and highly aggressive lovedoid brain tumor this week. We are currently considering all treatments, including experiments. My Your thoughts and prayers for your family. ”

Andrew Kachinsky

Andrew Kachinsky talked about Franceska’s health problems.

“Our daughter is the strongest person I know and I’m sure she will fight this as hard as possible. In the meantime, we’ll be off work for a few weeks before starting treatment,” he said. Continued to share. “I would like to thank my friends, strangers and medical staff for their support,” he said.

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