CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum EMEA: Technology and Innovation

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Click on the stream above to see CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum. Friday’s session from Europe focuses on technology and innovation.

The fourth industrial revolution will also be a green revolution. Technological advances and innovations are promising to make our industry, our lives, and our future more sustainable.

CNBC meets people at the forefront of research and digital development to explore how technology works and what environmental benefits it can bring to all of us.

The lineup of Friday sessions is as follows. Click here for the full schedule for this week.

Fireside: Work on greenwashing on the blockchain
6:30 pm SGT / HK | 11:30 am BST

Kim Lars, CEO of Topl.

ESG’s efforts are “meaningless without evidence,” said Kim Raath, CEO and founder of Houston-based startup Topl. To increase the accuracy and transparency of ESG reports, Topl has introduced a blockchain into its process that uses technology to standardize and automate reports and track performance and progress. As companies face increasing pressure to report accurate ESG data, the impact of Raath’s participation in how Topl’s blockchain technology is gaining credibility, who can access it, and what impact Discuss if there is.

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Fireside: Promoting the Electric Vehicle Revolution
6:45 pm SGT / HK | 11:45 am BST

Nico Rosberg, Sustainable entrepreneur and former F1 world champion.

F1 legend and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg talks about how Extreme E’s All-Electric Racing Championship is changing the perception of electric vehicles. What is the future of e-mobility and whether his green investment is providing good returns.

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CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum EMEA: Technology and Innovation

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