Clubhouse is now available to Android users in the U.S.

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Android users in the United States now have access to Clubhouse, a social media company announced over the weekend.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only voice-based social networking app that allows users to listen to conversations in real time.

The beta Android version of the app will be available on the Play Store on Sunday, and the company plans to collect feedback, fix issues, and add some final features such as payments and club creation in the coming weeks. Expand the app more extensively.

After these fixes, Clubhouse said it would gradually release the app in other English-speaking countries before rolling it out worldwide.

Launched last year, Clubhouse was previously only available on the iPhone.

“As we continue to scale out the backend for the summer, we’ll welcome millions of people from iOS’s waiting list, expand language support, add accessibility features, and make it available to people around the world. And we’re planning to open more, clubhouses in a way that they feel native to, “the clubhouse wrote.

The app is also available on Android, but users need to receive an invitation to join Clubhouse’s social media network.

Clubhouse said the decision to maintain a waiting list and invitation system (allowing the app to be used only when invited) is part of a “keep measuring growth” effort.

Since the launch of Clubhouse, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and other tech companies have been working on similar audio-based services, and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said last month that audio was a new product.

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Clubhouse is now available to Android users in the U.S.

Source link Clubhouse is now available to Android users in the U.S.

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