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For decades, mesh forward metallic accented silver sneakers have been a must-see niche in the men’s shoes industry. The big one was Nike’s Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet.” This is a late 1990s style inspired by the Japanese shiny bullet train, a futuristic combination of shiny mesh and reflective overlays. (There are rumors that cult-loved shoes will celebrate their 25th anniversary later this year.) Since then, all major sneaker brands have had some shine in offering products with different degrees of fanfare. I’m secretly taking in the kick.

But recently, the other two silver sneakers have outstripped the battle. They come from a variety of locations, including Japanese sportswear label ASICS and luxury fashion house Balenciaga. But as long as they are different, the two sneakers still have a lot in common.

Of the two brands, ASICS has a legacy here. The company has been manufacturing silver running shoes for years, but its entry into the fashion world is newer. Two years ago, Bulgarian and British designer Kiko Kostadinov remade Gel Kiril 2 in silver and lavender. And last year, Seoul label Andersson Bell offered a similarly glossy palette. Most recently, ASICS has announced an improved Gel-1090 silhouette. This is a 2000s running shoe with a modern and style-ahead makeover. The upper is slightly simplified while maintaining a flashy silver sweepline, and the sole is reinforced with new cushions.

In the Balenciaga world, designer and current Kanye West BFF Demna Gvasalia has been selling mesh and nylon “runner” sneakers since last year. (Of course, the price of Balenciaga is very high at $ 1,150.) Now Demna has announced the “Phantom” sneakers. This is a simple style packed with similar fashionable punches, omitting some of the flashy tech details. (Sold for $ 895.) Balenciaga’s just-dropped campaign has new shoes on the front and center. Wearing vibrant track pants and an oversized hoodie, the model poses like a trophy with her shoes in her hands. Glossy runners are still worn on foot.

By 2022, wearing ugly sneakers (and paying them exorbitant prices) is no longer as polarized as it once was. In the fashion world, it’s almost expected. Supermodels wear New Balance and luxury brands produce $ 900 shoes, which are often mistaken for shoes picked up by suburban dads from outlet malls. And in the expanded universe of bad but good sneakers, there are shiny futuristic runners. Perhaps it was inevitable that metallic accents and shimmering meshes would enter a unique moment of image change. Asics and Balenciaga were worthy of the job. Each brand brings something unique to the table: the rich heritage of ASICS and the avant-garde sensibility of Demna, both rethinking the style of the moment.

Click here for Silver Running Sneakers Glow Up

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