Clemson falls on an enthusiastic afternoon

College football was overloaded for about 45 minutes late Saturday afternoon.

North Carolina State University has fallen into ecstasy from pain for the 9th Clemson. Baylor stopped the upset two-point conversion to Iowa. The No. 16 Arkansas finished the No. 7 Texas A & M and won the Lone Star title.

No.19 Michigan blocked Rutgers. UTSA remained undefeated in the final second field goal against Memphis. The LSU transfer rallyed Auburn from behind against Georgia. And UConn ALMOST won.


It’s time for multiple screens and social media reactions, and it’s a fun memory that random Saturdays in the college football season can feel like the first few days of an NCAA basketball tournament.

A lot of things were happening.

The most important development was Raleigh, North Carolina, where North Carolina State University missed a field goal that could win the match late in the game, but was still able to beat Clemson with double overtime.

The Tigers, who won the Atlantic Coast Conference six times, lost two games in September for the first time since 2014. Finally, he failed to win the league and participated in the College Football Playoff.

Clemson’s attack is a mess. The Tigers recorded five aggressive touchdowns in three games against FBS opponents and had to work overtime against Wolfpack to reach fifth place.


DJ Uiagalelei hasn’t thrown more than 200 yards in this season’s game yet. The running game wasn’t good. Director Dabo Swinney was asked at the last time Clemson fell apart aggressively and said it was probably 2010.

It was before Clemson became a program to challenge Alabama for supremacy in college football. That was before two generations of quarterback talent, Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence, brought Swinnie’s team to several national titles and two more championship games.

Wiagareley was supposed to be on the next line, but after burying Lawrence after passing over 800 yards in two starts last season, a former five-star rookie from Southern California hasn’t given him an attack. Sufficient protection that seems to have been lost behind a typical line.

Clemson fans have turned on aggressive coordinator Tony Elliott. What the hell is going on here?

“Hey? Clemson’s expectations and standards, and who we are, it’s attached to the territory because we don’t meet it. It’s very easy,” Swinnie said.


More than a month before Halloween, Clemson’s CFP Streak is in serious danger.

“North Carolina State University fans have finally lifted the curse,” said North Carolina State University coach Dave Doalen, laughing after Wolfpack lost eight games in a row to Clemson.

ACC is messed up.

North Carolina’s signature victory was the first in nine years under Doren against the top ten opponents, two weeks after Wolfpack was beaten in Mississippi.

North Carolina received a lot of off-season hype, but is now 2-2 after being attacked by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Wake Forest and Boston College are the only undefeated teams left at the meeting. These are two other members of the Atlantic region where Clemson has been raging in recent years.

The ACC team may not be ranked in the next AP Top 25.

Clemson has been ranked in the top 10 AP polls for 97 consecutive weeks. It is linked to Alabama with the longest current top 10 streaks and the second longest such streak in Miami’s 137-second poll history from 1985 to 1993.


Not only will the winning streak end on Sunday when the new rankings are revealed, but the Tigers’ winning streak, which has been ranked for 106 consecutive weeks, will probably end.

How about next week? Clemson not ranked by ranked BC.

Call a pig

Razorbucks seemed calm when Arkansas hired Sam Pittman, a former offensive line coach who had never led his own program.

After Chad Morris’ terrible two-year tenure, Arkansas was trapped in a large hole at the bottom of the toughest division of college football.

Even Eliah Drinkwitz from Arkansas took over the job of head coach of Razorbucks to go to Missouri. That opened the door to Pitman.

Pitman’s team made promises last season, but still won only three games. At least Arkansas looked competent again.

Pigs are now far beyond that. Arkansas has defeated Texas A & M and may be SEC West’s second best team.


“Our toughness was shown tonight,” Pittman said.

Razorbucks was 4-0 for the first time since 2003 and defeated Texas and Texas A & M in the same season for the first time since 1989.

As for Aggie’s, this was supposed to be the season when Jimbo Fisher’s team closed the gap in Alabama. Instead, they were passed by Arkansas and Pitman.

Don’t worry, Aggies fans. After the latest contract extension, Fisher has nine more seasons to understand it.

All over the country: Oklahoma fans were chanting backup quarterback Caleb Williams when they launched an attack on Spencer Rattler and West Virginia to win. A tough crowd. No. 4 Sooners are still undefeated and given how the ranked teams are down, that needs to be taken into account … Alabama has 100 consecutive against unranked teams I won the game. The second longest winning streak on Saturday was 36-year-old Clemson. … even the 10th Ohio explosion against Akron, some drama of the Birth of the Eyes Linebacker K’Vaughan Pope After being unable to enter the game, he struck the field. … SMU knocked off the TCU to win Iron Skillet in the second consecutive meeting, ran 350 yards, and started a brawl when Mustang tried to flag the midfield of Fort Worth after the match. Oregon defeated Southern California, running 323 yards at the LA Memorial Coliseum for the first time since 1960. … Drinkwitz said earlier this week that he wanted to play a local rival rather than traveling to Boston University. He was right. Overtime work for BC 41 and Missouri 34. … After replacing Bonix, quarterback TJ Finley seems like a good bet to start next week for Auburn on his previous team, LSU … No. 18 The Wisconsin attack appears to be broken. Graham Meltz threw four intercepts against No. 12 Notre Dame in five turnovers, but he wasn’t the only one. Badger signature running games aren’t shown much either … On the contrary, I praise Notre Dame for figuring out how to avoid the really big problem of aggressive lines. Can you compete with the 8th Cincinnati next week? … Bowling Green caused the biggest turmoil of the season, astonishing Minnesota as a 30-point vulnerable. It was a mysterious loss to Gophers for one of the worst programs in major college football in the last five seasons … 4-0 Baylor is big under coach Dave Aranda in his second year. The most amazing team at 12, went 2-7 on their debut. … Washington coach Nick Rolovich is facing a deadline to comply with the state’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations and is doing so with a 1-3 record that does not include a win over the FBS team.


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Clemson falls on an enthusiastic afternoon

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