Claudia Conway in “Lost Words” after Mom Kelly Ann leaks a topless photo

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A 16-year-old enthusiastic TikTok user, after a former White House adviser posted a photo on Instagram, accessed a video sharing platform and asked his followers to report his mother to the authorities.

AceShowbiz -The feud between Claudia Conway and her mother Kellyanne Conway is even more troublesome.Former senior adviser to then president Donald Trump She was accused of child abuse after allegedly leaking a personal photo of her daughter.

On Monday, January 25th, a photo of 16-year-old Claudia becoming topless spread on the Internet. An image showing a half-naked teen while taking a selfie in the bathroom was reportedly first posted to Kelly Ann’s Twitter fleet.

The person who took the screenshot of the photo completely covered Claudia with a sticker because it was inappropriate. The user, who reposted on Twitter, defended Claudia with the caption, “This woman deserves to go to jail and Claudia deserves justice.”

Leaked topless image of Claudia Conway

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a topless photo of Claudia Conway allegedly posted by her mother.

Claudia soon noticed her leaked private photo and responded to it on TikTok. She expressed her feelings and wrote in the video caption, “I’m at a loss for words now.” She captioned another clip to “shake now” and asked the authorities to “report” to her followers.

In video, Claudia confirmed that the photo was genuine. She further speculated that Kelly Anne might have posted it incorrectly or someone had hacked her phone, but suggested that her mother must have obtained it from her phone.

It’s not yet known who posted the photo, but people are blaming Kelly Anne for the leak. “She posted a topless photo of Claudia on Twitter. The user who took the screenshot put an emoji on it because there was no child pornography. What a hell,” he blew up a Republican politician.

Another boldly labeled it “child abuse,” and another furious wrote, “What is the actual f ** k? She needs to be arrested for that.” Someone else repeated the feeling, “I hope Kelly Anne is convicted and registered as a sex offender.”

“Claudia Conway’s grown-up ** mother @KellyannePolls posted a photo of her topless 16-year-old daughter …….. it was an accident or a” bad kid “for her to get out of allegations of abuse. Was it an attempt to prove that? Either way, why does she have the photo? “Someone else weighted, someone else gave Kelly Anne a suspicious benefit, and wondered,” Is Claudia hacking her? ” I thought.

Prior to this, Claudia posted a video of her mother talking to the police after the viral video caused allegations of abuse. In the video, Kelly Ann told an officer about her daughter, “She’s upset, she’s upset for a week because we made a tough call with her school, I’m her I knew I was upset … ”

Meanwhile, in the disturbing video, Kelly Anne shouted, cursed, and insulted Claudia with insults like “if people just know what they think of you.” Police are still investigating the situation, according to TMZ.

Claudia Conway in “Lost Words” after Mom Kelly Ann leaks a topless photo

Source link Claudia Conway in “Lost Words” after Mom Kelly Ann leaks a topless photo

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