Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split: “This is the healthiest decision for both of us.”

The “single” couples Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are over.

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On January 19, TMZ reported last weekend that 32-year-old Dale cut off things with 39-year-old Claire. He lives in New York City, while she lives in Sacramento, so it’s suspected that the distance was a factor.California

Immediately after the report, Dale confirmed the split on Instagram.

“Claire and I have decided to go on different paths. Thank you for the love and support we have received from many, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at the moment,” he says. I did. I have written. “We strongly believe in leading with love and always being loyal to ourselves. This is what our families have taught and taught us throughout our lives. We are each other. I want the best. “

Split ends one of the fastest on-screen romance ever. The duo met in the summer while filming “The Bachelorette” in a bubble environment. The moment Claire meets Dale, she states that he is the material of her “husband,” and she continues to fall violently for him, essentially fighting her mind to focus completely on Dale. I rubbed the other guys.

After just three weeks of filming, Claire set aside Dale and left the show to replace Taisia ​​Adams.

ABC / Craig Sjodin

Prior to the split, there were reports that Claire and Dale were experiencing confusion in their romance. Just hours before Dale’s announcement, US Weekly sources said, “Dale and Claire are still technically together, but there’s a serious problem they’re working on. They’re in touch, but I’m taking a break. “

Interestingly, she posted an intimate image with her ex-fiancé on her Instagram on January 9th. He shared a video with her a few days ago.

The collapse of the relationship seemed to happen as fast as their love story. Just last month, Claire mistakenly called Dale her “husband” and made many wonder if she had secretly tied a knot.

On December 10, a former “single” posted a video on Instagram Story, saying “Nothing is more happier than buying groceries with my husband.” She later told her followers that they were not married and blamed her wording for “slip tongue.”

In a November eruption about Dale, she said, “Everything he was looking for was what I was looking for. He doesn’t even realize he’s doing this for me, but last night I had the worst anxiety I’ve ever had. [he] It appeared when I was anxious and roaming around the pool. He just grabbed my hand and kept pace with me around the pool. All I’ve always wanted is a man to appear for me, not only when it’s easy, but also when it’s fun and clean, such as in a ball gown. But, for example, it appears when I’m wearing yoga pants and no makeup, and my hair is a greasy knot. Appears for me, like. He did it every time. “

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split: “This is the healthiest decision for both of us.”

Source link Clare Crawley and Dale Moss split: “This is the healthiest decision for both of us.”

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