Cigarette butts were used to determine what was believed to be a 26 -year -old Washington cold case.

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Washington state officials have discovered what is believed to be a 26 -year -old cold case, thanks to DNA in a cigarette.

The abandoned body of Patricia Barnes was found on the side of Peacock Hill Road in South Kitsap County, Washington, 26 years ago in August 1995. Visitors with the Kitsap Police Department (KCSO) on this Barnes was identified as the murderer of Douglas Keith Krhone.

“The linchpin for the witness was a cigarette butt found at the dumping ground,” KCSO Lead Detective Mike Grant said during Wednesday’s conference, according to FOX 13 Seattle. “Physical evidence is kind of one of two-three different things, but if you get a kit with DNA and DNA on his body and things around his body, I know we have found the right man.. “

Patricia Barnes. (Currency: Kitsap County Sheriff)

On August 25, 1995, officers responded to reports of a naked and covered body found on Peacock Hill Street and later found the body of Barnes, who was 61 at the time. his death. Police decided he had been shot twice in the head.

DALLAS officials charged the man with 1984 murder in a cold case, nearly 38 years to the day the young woman was found.

Investigators worked on the case for months and released a photograph of the suspect but could not see him at the time.

The case cooled off until 2018, when KSCO investigators reopened the investigation into Barnes ’death“ as part of a new approach to working on the cases. cold, ”the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post Friday. In the four years since the case was reopened, observers have reviewed the evidence and interviewed officers involved in the first criminal trial in 1995.

Filed since 1995. (Credit: Kitsap County Sheriff)

Filed since 1995. (Credit: Kitsap County Sheriff)

Othram Labs conducted a forensic review of the contents of the case, including a box of cigarettes, and later gave Khrone’s name to police. Authorities then followed with two police departments in Arizona, as Khrone died in Nogales in 2016, according to Othram Case Management Director Michael Ovgen.

A COLORADO WOMAN missing for nearly a decade has been found, the perpetrator has been arrested, authorities said.

A DNA sample from an autopsy trial of Khrone conducted by the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office in Arizona linked KSCO’s DNA record with Khorne’s knowledge.

Khrone was 33 years old at the time of the Barnes assassination and had spoken out in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. He had five previous felony offenses, including first -degree theft in 1984.

Douglas Keith Krhone. (Currency: Kitsap County Sheriff)

Douglas Keith Krhone. (Currency: Kitsap County Sheriff)

“The final outcome of this‘ cold weather ’trial is for the first research response to [d]etectives in 1995, “Grant said in a statement posted on KSCO’s Facebook page.” The potential of new types of research can only be done if it is built on a solid foundation and Profession of good policing. “

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Police have been involved in the first trial since retirement.

Grant approached the Barnes family to tell them about KSCO’s findings and described their feelings as “shocking” and appreciative of the outcome of the case.

Cigarette butts were used to determine what was believed to be a 26 -year -old Washington cold case.

Source link Cigarette butts were used to determine what was believed to be a 26 -year -old Washington cold case.

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