Chrishell Stause “Don’t Believe” Britney Spears Writes Instagram Caption


The “Selling Sunsets” star claims that her comment on the “Toxic” hitmaker’s post was deleted after she suggested sharing a video with her captions.

Chris Shell Stows Is guaranteed Britney Spears You have no control over her social media. When I learned that her comment was deleted in the “Toxic” hit maker post, “Sunset sale“The star emphasized that he doesn’t think the singer is writing his Instagram caption.

Using an Instagram story, a 39-year-old realtor first revealed, “They deleted my comment, and it had a lot of likes on it.” She added, “And for me, this is proof. For example, Britney wouldn’t have removed it. We love you, Britney.”

Chrishell Stause's IG Story

Chrishell Stause revealed that her comment has been removed from Britney Spears’ Instagram post.

Chrishell followed up with a screenshot of the original deleted comment received from the fan. Alongside Snap, she said, “I don’t think she wrote the caption, I don’t think I deleted my comment. I just want her to talk to me, so I’m glad it proved wrong! # FreeBritney. ”

“Yes, I can jump from real estate to Britney in 2.5 seconds,” said his ex-wife. Justin Hartley “If you hire me, this is what you get,” he continued.

Chrishell Stause's IG Story

Chrishell Stause is categorically Britney Spears hasn’t written her own Instagram caption.

Chris Shell commented on Britney’s Instagram video, where Britney danced vigorously to Aerosmith’s “crazy.” In a post on Tuesday, March 30, Chrishell said, “Can I get a video to enter my caption next time instead of dancing? I want to believe you’re talking, but skeptical. I love you! “”

In the dance clip caption, Britney weighted her documentary “Flaming Britney Spears.” She then said, “I wasn’t watching the documentary, but when I saw the documentary, I was ashamed of the light they illuminated me … I cried for two weeks … I still cry sometimes. ! !! ”

In addition to Chris Shell, with Britney “X Factor (USA)“In 2012, she questioned the pop star’s remarks through her 2013 video” Scream and Shout. ” Billy told Page Six, claiming he had contacted her, “The content is her … but the words are not her feelings.”

“I soon found out that it wasn’t her … I sent her a text message about it and she sent me a text message last night,” Billy continued. “What was upset [about the post] -It’s basically a story blaming her fans and the Free Britney movement, and people are now very consciously looking at the facts and what’s happening. ”

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