China attacks potential US diplomatic boycott of the Olympics

Beijing – China threatened to take “reliable measures” on Monday if the United States proceeded with the diplomatic boycott of the February Beijing Winter Olympics.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian has blamed US politicians for not sending high-ranking officials to events where China wants to show off its economic development and technological capabilities.

Zhao told reporters at a daily briefing that such a move would be a “complete political provocation,” but did not provide details on how China would retaliate. rice field.

US President Joe Biden said he was considering a boycott. Under the boycott, US athletes will still compete. An announcement is scheduled for this week. Proponents of such measures say China is using the game to whiten abuse of civil rights activists, political opponents and ethnic minorities, justifying China’s poor record of human rights. I am quoting.


“Uninvited, American politicians continue to hype pure wishful thinking and the spectacular, so-called Beijing Winter Olympics diplomatic boycott,” Zhao said in a daily briefing. Told to.

“If the US is moving in its own direction, China will take solid countermeasures,” Zhao said.

The dispatch of high-level delegations to each Olympic Games has long been a tradition among the United States and other major countries — then President George W. Bush attended the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Olympics. First Lady Jill Biden led an American delegation to this year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and the second gentleman Douglas Emhoff led a delegation to the Paralympics.

The potential for a diplomatic boycott maintains a tough approach to trade tensions and conflicts over China’s actions against Taiwan, human rights, Hong Kong and the South China Sea, despite the U.S. trying to stabilize its turbulent relations with Beijing. Because it is.


Beijing responded firmly to all criticisms of the United States, accused it of interfering with domestic affairs, and slapped a visa ban on US politicians who considered it anti-China.

It was not clear who the United States sent to Beijing for the game, and Zhao’s comments seemed to indicate that China had not extended any invitations.

Australia, whose relations with China have plummeted in various conflicts, also raises the possibility of a diplomatic boycott.

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China attacks potential US diplomatic boycott of the Olympics

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