Chief extends lead coach, GM Beach contract

Kansas City, Missouri — Kansas City Chiefs signed an extension to Andy Reid and Brett Vich on Monday.

The chiefs refused to announce the terms of the extension, but it’s unlikely that Reed or the beach didn’t go anywhere. Together they made Jaguar notes, continued to complete the AFC Championship Game, and delivered the Super Bowl title to the Chiefs for the first time in 50 years last season. And at 8-1, they are in a good position to defend the title.

“Given our journey over the last eight years, we hired Andy to finish some very difficult seasons. The turnaround with Andy was almost immediate,” said Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt. Stated. “And for his honor, he’s doing nothing but get better, and obviously it’s crescendo with the Super Bowl victory this February.”

Reed, who recently passed Kali Rambo to fifth place on the NFL’s winning list at 230, is in the midst of his eighth season in Kansas City after a long tenure in Philadelphia. He took over the team, which was 2-14 on arrival, and created a consistent winner. It has reached new heights under Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl MVP quarterback.

The beach was a major reason the Chiefs landed Mahomes. He vocally insisted on drafting him as a member of GM John Dorsey’s front office at the time, and took over the job of general manager when Dorsey was fired three years ago.

“When the Chiefs came to Kansas City in 1963, they were fortunate to be Hall of Fame coaches and Hall of Fame quarterbacks. I think they are in the same position today,” Hunt said. I will. Mentions Hank Stram and Len Dawson, the duos who led the franchise to the first championship in 1970.

“The value of a good head coach in the NFL cannot be exaggerated. In many ways, I think it’s similar to the value of a great quarterback,” Hunt continued. “When you put the two together, you can have a lot of success.”

Indeed, Reed and Beach’s signature follows Mahomes’ signature on the richest deal for players in NFL history. He signed a contract worth $ 500 million over a decade this summer.

Veach’s ability to sign such a lucrative deal with Mahomes, sign a long-term deal with defensive end Chris Jones and defensive end Frank Clark, and lure expensive free agents such as Safety Tyrann Mathieu into Kansas City. Talk to work. We manage salary caps. One of Dorsey’s biggest drawbacks was abandoning the bloated contract that prevented the chief from becoming a consistent winner, but Veach was able to get the numbers to work.

“The revelation for all of us is how aggressive Brett is. He is aggressive in a conservative way,” Hunt said. “His decision-making when he’s aggressive is very well thought out, whether it’s trading or figuring out how to get Patrick and Chris out for us this summer. Regardless, I think it has benefited us. ”

Despite their age difference — the 62-year-old Reed is old enough to be the father of the 42-year-old Veach — the duo have worked very seamlessly for almost 20 years. Reed hired Veach as an intern in 2004 and then promoted him to coaching assistant and scout before his protégé chased him to Kansas City. Upon arriving there, Veach took up the post of general manager after spending two years as a front office analyst and then two years as co-director of player personnel.

Reed’s coaching philosophy and Veach’s ability to create a roster that suits his style allowed coaches to focus entirely on the locker room instead of juggling the many hats they wore with the Eagles. It was. And it helped the Chiefs run a 12-win regular season and four consecutive AFC West Championships.

“I don’t know if I use the word” luck “. Knowing that Andy Reid and Brett Vich are leading the side of our football, I’m certainly lucky most days, and I throw Mark Donovan there, “Our president,” Hunt said. “We have good leaders in each position and the three work together very well. It’s a rare place.”

Chief extends lead coach, GM Beach contract

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