Charm bracelets are back thanks to TikTok, Dua Lipa and Nostalgia

Magic 8 ballHot dogs studded with fluorescent mushrooms and mustard-these are just a few of the outstanding candy-colored beads on Ian Charm’s very irreverent take charm bracelet (pictured below). Musicians Dua Lipa and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain are fans, and DIY versions are everywhere on TikTok. Social media is an ideal way for customers to discover jewelry, says designer Lisa Sahakian. “Ian charm stands out because it’s fun and weird … its chaotic, disagreeable atmosphere meets today’s tone.”

The charm of charm has been around for a long time before the TikTok generation. The amulet was used as a prehistoric version, but the most famous presentation-a bracelet linked to a personal memorabilia like the one on the left-can be traced back to the Victorian era, and the history of jewelery. House Anna Rashe explained. Queen Victoria wore a colorful enamel heart-lined item, each containing a bunch of offspring’s hair. Russell Whitmore, owner of Brooklyn’s antique jewelery store Erie Basin, says that the key to the lasting appeal of charm bracelets is their focus on emotion and identity over fashion. That is the charm of actress Debi Mazar. “I have all sorts of charms, from religious protection to New York City fire hydrants, Spanish fans, Italian buildings, Cuban coffee pots, cancan dancers, rocket ships, and 1964 subway tokens. “It’s the year I was born,” says Mazar, who makes a bracelet for Ms. daughter and traces her love back to her mother and grandma. “”[Their charms] Everything made sense and I always loved good stories. ”

Whether it’s a cheap jewel, Retrouvai’s decadent diamond lucky charm, Rondel’s understated pearls, or Ian Charms’ playful ceramic beads, it’s a symbol of charm bracelets that resonates now. “When the world gets out of hand, it’s comfortable to express what you love and admire, the sense of place, people, and protection in beautifully tangible objects,” Rasche said. I will. Brands like Foundrae, whose 18K gold charm borrows clues from ancient motifs, keep that mission in mind. “I’m looking for a meaningful symbol,” said co-founder Beth Bugday Kay. “It’s more than a gem.” Foundley’s best-selling charm category in a pandemic? What is called “resilience”.

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If you want to add a charm to most linked gold bracelets, you need to go to a jeweler. However, this version of Brooklyn-based brand Mociun has a hinged link that you can open yourself, so you can easily add, remove, and rearrange valuable trinkets. bracelet, $ 2,300,

Charm bracelets are back thanks to TikTok, Dua Lipa and Nostalgia

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