CEO’s “comfortable” Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine protects against more severe delta mutants

Pfizer’s CEO is confident about the effectiveness of his company. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Vaccine against Delta variant, This was first discovered in India and is being warned by top American scientists.

Pfizer CEO and Chairman Albert Bourla told CBS News Jan Crawford: “No special vaccine is needed. You should be able to cover it with your current vaccine.”

The· America Recorded coronavirus deaths are approaching 600,000, even if widespread vaccination has dramatically improved the condition.

Over the weekend, the leaders of the seven wealthiest democracies in the world Donate Next year, more than a billion vaccines will be given to poorer countries. The United States provides about half of these doses through a partnership with Pfizer.

And Bourla believes Pfizer is ready to take action with a new vaccine to protect it from possible mutations within 100 days.

“We have surveillance systems in every country in the world. As soon as a new variant emerges, we are testing how current vaccines work in comparison to this variant. “I will.”

Pfizer’s CEO said the need for boosters to existing vaccines has not yet been determined, but studies are being conducted to determine if it is necessary.

However, based on the data, Pfizer said people expect to need a booster shoot (basically a third dose) within 8-12 months of the second shot.

By the fall, Pfizer wants to represcribe the COVID-19 vaccine so that it does not require ultra-cold storage. The vaccine is also expected to be approved for children up to the age of five.

Bula explained that the goal is herd immunity.

“When we reach herd immunity, we also protect others. Children play an important role in doing that,” he said.

Participating in a US-led effort to make vaccines more accessible, Pfizer has promised a total of 2 billion donations next and a half, most of which will be donated to low-income countries.

“It’s the right thing to do, so I want to think first and foremost, but apart from moral concerns, I think it’s also very important for global control of the pandemic,” said Bula.

Despite the fastest development of the vaccine to date, one of Bula’s greatest concerns is that people hesitate to take it.

As vaccination rates declined, Bula shared a message to those who are still reluctant.

“I’m trying to explain to them that the decision to vaccinate doesn’t just affect your life,” he said. “But unfortunately, it can affect the health of others and the health of those you like and love most.”

“I think this is an almost successful argument when trying to explain that their fears can hinder the protection of their loved ones.”

CEO’s “comfortable” Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine protects against more severe delta mutants

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