CDC director says some schools do not follow US mask and vaccine guidance

Children will participate in a class at the Xavier Academy in Houston, Texas on August 23, 2021. Face-to-face classroom sessions have resumed, and schools around Houston are requesting mask mandates in accordance with CDC guidelines.

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CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Warrensky said on Friday that recently reopened schools already suffering from a massive Covid outbreak are generally when students and staff wear masks indoors and are eligible. He said he did not comply with federal guidelines recommending vaccination.

Childhood Covid hospitalization in the United States has reached the highest level reported this week, and Warensky said schools will be closed in areas where precautions are inadequate to prevent the virus from spreading to the community. At the White House’s Covid-19 briefing, Warrensky called on schools to adopt a multi-layered approach that included social distance, enhanced ventilation, and Covid testing to prevent outbreaks in schools.

“We want to insist on areas that are not implementing preventive strategies and encourage them to do the right thing to protect the children who care for them,” Warensky said.

Warensky, who did not call the school district by name, said the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention read classes by unvaccinated symptomatic teachers without masks and virus students, staff, and their families. And in Florida, Hillsborough County Public School reported this month that about 10,400 students and about 340 staff were quarantined or quarantined after close contact with positive Covid cases.

The CDC also studied Covid measures in Los Angeles County. There, preventive strategies kept school case rates lower than county case rates. According to Warensky, the case rates for children and adolescents in schools using the Covid mitigation protocol were more than three times lower than last winter’s case rates.

Walensky added that the CDC has increased pediatric Covid cases and hospitalizations in recent weeks due to increased infectivity of the delta variant.

“Schools need to implement as many of these preventative layers as possible at the same time, which helps protect children even if there are unavoidable violations in a single layer,” Walensky said. I have.

CDC director says some schools do not follow US mask and vaccine guidance

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