Cash Blood Jernon Found in Darin Brown’s Clothes, DPD Says

According to police, Cash Garnon’s body was found in a puddle of blood on the street by passers-by on May 15. Evidence linked Darin Brown to his death.

Dallas-The Dallas Police Department has released new details from the arrest warrant explaining evidence that linked the deaths of 18-year-old Darling Brown and 4-year-old Cash Garnon and helped prosecute the suspect for murder.

Garnon’s body was found in a puddle of blood, and on the morning of May 15, a woman suffered multiple puncture wounds at 7500 blocks on Saddle Ridge Drive.

Brown was initially charged with kidnapping and theft in connection with Garnon’s death. On June 9, the indictment was formally upgraded to a murder after the evidence submitted to the institute was returned.

According to the arrest warrant, investigators searched Brown’s room after Garnon was found dead. They collected adidas zipper hoodies, shoes and dark sunglasses and sent them to the lab.

According to police documents, all three items were tested positive for Gernon’s blood.

The Dallas County Medical Inspector’s Office said Garnon had died from multiple puncture wounds and determined his death to be a murder.

Authorities said other evidence linking Brown and Garnon’s death included a surveillance video allegedly kidnapping the boy while he was asleep.

Last month, residents told WFAA that they would see Brown walking in the neighborhood.

“It’s hard to believe. I don’t think he had the right idea,” said neighbor Jose Ramirez.

“It’s very sad that someone woke up this morning and lost his child without warning,” said Katie Gillen, a woman living nearby.

Gillen stopped by with another woman and brought flowers to the growing monument where the boy’s body was found.

“How do you throw someone’s body away like he’s nothing? He’s someone’s child,” Gillen said.

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The WFAA also previously spoke with an off-camera woman who police described as the guardian of a boy. She said Garnon was a “lucky” boy.

The boy’s guardian told WFAA that he didn’t know why Brown did this and had nothing to do with them.

Cash Blood Jernon Found in Darin Brown’s Clothes, DPD Says

Source link Cash Blood Jernon Found in Darin Brown’s Clothes, DPD Says

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