Capitol riot court: Opening statements begin at Guy Reffitt court

Here is the latest news on the first defendant, Guy Reffitt, who was tried on January 6. Follow William Joy from WFAA for the latest information.

WASHINGTON – A 16-member jury on Wednesday heard the opening arguments in a case against 49-year-old Guy Wesley Reffitt, who is allegedly a member of three percent of Texas, and is the first defendant in more than 700 Capitol riots to be tried.

MAIN STORY: Three Percenter’s jury elected for Capitol riots

After two days of questioning dozens of potential judges, the jury included a NASA woman, a DC State School technician, a man who described himself as an entrepreneur and said he was taking a fake test in high school, a retired scientist, an IT specialist and a lot of work. carpenter who says he knows little. The final jury consists of nine men and seven women.

Several jurors were shot in the pool because of their personal ties to the US Capitol. At least two jurors said they recognized the injured U.S. Capitol police or DC police on Jan. 6.

Here’s what we can expect during Wednesday’s opening debate:

  • The prosecution will be given 30 minutes to present its argument
  • After that, defense attorney William Welch will have 30 minutes to respond.
  • The first witness, a USCP officer, will be summoned.

Live Updates

14:40 – The second government witness in Guy Reffitt’s case is Monique Moore, a Capitol police inspector in charge of the command center on January 6.

14:00 – Former Capitol police officer Kerkhoff explains how he threw pepper balls, rubber bullets and OC tear gas canisters at Guy Reffitt with little impact due to his body armor.

11:53 – Judicial lunch break due to technical problems.

11:51 – The DOJ is going to provide the audio recording of USCP radio from January 6, but they have some technical problems.

11:39 – The first witness of the day, former U.S. Capitol Police Shawnee Kerkhoff, one of three USCP officers who repelled Guy Reffitti from the building on Jan. 6, was summoned to the podium. Kerkhoff is expected to present four less deadly weapons used.

10:53 – The defense’s opening arguments end just two or three minutes after Reffitt’s defense. They claim that he never tried to attack anyone and did not help anyone to attack anyone. He added that he knew how to retreat when exposed to pepper spray.

The defense noted the following key factors in the case:

  • He did not mean any of the things he mentioned.
  • The DOJ did not prove that he had a firearm in his hip.
  • He never entered the building and did not try to disarm the officers.

10:50 – The defense begins with the opening arguments.

10:45 – Prosecutors allege that Reffitt threatened his children. They said, “Do not turn away from me, do not betray me.” He reminded them that “traitors are being beaten.” He also threatened to “shoot” her daughter if she caught her during the recording.

10:43 – Prosecutors allege that after the riot, Reffitt played videos of his helmet camera for his family and bragged. He also held a three-percent Zoom meeting with his colleagues after the riot and told them to delete messages after the group leader was questioned by the FBI.

10:37 – Prosecutors have questioned Reffitt’s involvement in the siege of the Capitol. They said Reffitt cleared the way for the crowd to enter the building near the first pier.

10:28 – Prosecutors are starting the opening arguments. They allege that Reffit put bulletproof vests, helmets, bending cuffs, a megaphone and a 40-caliber pistol on the Capitol to prevent members of Congress.

10:05 – Judge Dabney Friedrich instructs the jury, reminding the jury that the opening statements are not proof, but a “road map” that each party believes will prove in the case.

10 in the morning. – The jury enters the courtroom and opens the arguments to begin soon.

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Capitol riot court: Opening statements begin at Guy Reffitt court

Source link Capitol riot court: Opening statements begin at Guy Reffitt court

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