Candace Owens tears AOC’s “menstruating man” defense into a heartbeat bill: “It’s sad to explain basic biology”

Author and commentator Candace Owens argues that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a new state heartbeat bill, with Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez calling it a “woman” rather than a “manipulative person.” He said he was hesitant to use the term.

The law prohibits abortion of children in the womb where heartbeats are detected. It is usually the 6th week of pregnancy.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Ocasio Cortez argued that Abbott “may not be familiar with the body of a man during menstruation. In fact, he is a woman, woman, or man during menstruation. I know I’m not familiar with the body. “

“So we know that this is not life-supporting. It’s about controlling the body of women, and controlling people who aren’t cisgender men,” she continued. rice field. At birth.

Owens told Brian Kilmeade, the moderator of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” that Brian Kilmeade not only had suspicious arguments, but also had the awakening effect of not being able to distinguish between women and “people during menstruation.” He said he seemed to be afraid.

“It’s not very sad to have to talk about basic biology, especially when dealing with someone who is a 32-year-old councilor. I’m sorry, did I say a woman? Say a woman. That is not allowed. “

“She’s almost powerless of her claim here. Her claim is an evil Republican who is stripping away the actions women are allowed to take by abortion-but she’s soon worse. Does it exist anymore? “She said.

Ocasio Cortez is a modern Democrat in that Ocasio Cortez is conditioned to accommodate all specific factions or groups, fearing that he will be exiled instantly and permanently like an enemy of ideology. Said to symbolize.

“This is what her side represents-it’s very radical [you] I can’t even formulate the word “female” because I’m scared and have to deal with all of these different genders, and transgender people are also women … No-if I can’t participate in the discussion about abortion , Women are women, and even identify what it means to be a woman who can’t participate in the discussion, “she said.

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Owens later added that millennial lawmakers are actually “good for the Republicans” because they showcase her “radicalism” on a daily basis.

“When she said everything we say’patriarchy’was a patriarchal idea, she reduced the woman to the idea that we were just’menstrual people’. It is much worse to give us back to the womb without recognizing what we are doing, “Owens said.

“I want to be a womb rather than being called a’menstruating person’. That’s good for us. People need to see how radical the left has become. “

Candace Owens tears AOC’s “menstruating man” defense into a heartbeat bill: “It’s sad to explain basic biology”

Source link Candace Owens tears AOC’s “menstruating man” defense into a heartbeat bill: “It’s sad to explain basic biology”

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