Can cow behavior predict when it will rain?

Tyler, Texas (KETK) — An old folktale says that if a cow is lying down, it will rain. Is that true?

There are millions of cows in Texas, and many people no doubt see cow pastures on their daily commute, and some claim that their daily plans are based on cow behavior. There is also

The story has spread beyond the United States to Britain, where 60% of the population believes a lying cow is a sure sign of rain.

There are several theories as to why a herd of cows lays down when it is about to rain.according to live scienceSome say cows can sense increased moisture in the air and lie down to reserve a piece of dry grass for grazing.

A second theory put forward by Live Science is that cows lie down to ease their stomachs, which are sensitive to the pressure brought on by the rain.

A final theory is that the cow’s legs are covered with tiny holes that absorb moisture, and if the moisture builds up before it rains, the legs become soft and unable to support the weight of the cow, so they lie down. is.

Referenced studies focus of science It suggests that cows can stand up in hot weather to expose more skin and stay cooler. For this reason, some believe that they lie down when they feel the chill in the air, which sometimes happens before it rains.

While it’s interesting to ponder these theories, scientists across the board say there’s no solid evidence to support the fact that herds of cattle lie down before rain.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cows lie down during meals to chew their food better. Lie down when you are in deep sleep or in the shade on a hot day.

Cows are reported to spend about 50% of their time lying down, so it’s possible that their pre-storm behavior is just a coincidence. Because cows are herd animals, they are more likely to mimic each other’s behavior, and you are more likely to see an entire herd lying down before a heavy rainstorm, or at any time. Can cow behavior predict when it will rain?

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