Cameroon dispatches defense ministers to French-speaking towns and villages under rebel attack | Voice of America

Cameroon, Mbouda-The Government of Cameroon has sent Defense Minister Joseph Betty Asomo to the border between English and French-speaking regions amid increasing invasion of English-speaking separatists into French-speaking towns and villages.

Authorities say many companies have been abandoned and construction of government buildings has been suspended due to increased separatist attacks.

Dozens of people have seen members of the Cameroon Armed Forces exhibiting military weapons in the French-speaking town of Foumban, on the border with the northwestern English-speaking region of Cameroon.

Warrant officer Bouba Dawanga Syraye, ranking officer for Foumban’s military posts, says the weapons have been confiscated by suspected rebels.

He states that government forces have arrested 10 suspects and recovered guns, ammunition, and some locally produced explosives. He says all suspects and their accomplices have denied allegations of arms trafficking.

Cameroonian Muslims Call for End of Separatist Crisis

Islamic leaders are also calling on vaccination skeptics to inoculate COVID-19, which has infected more than 80,000 people and killed at least 1,300.

The military states that the spread of weapons in the western part of the French-speaking region, where Foumban is located, has increased since 2017. The military says English-speaking rebels are fighting to create an independent state called Ambasonia in French. Talk about towns and villages with your weapons.

The government says that since 2017, at least 40 deadly separatist invasions have been reported in the western region. The administrative units of Bambut, Noun, and Agate, which border the Northwestern Krai, have been hit hardest by separatist fighters.

Awah Fonka, governor of the western region of Cameroon, says fighters attack and kill government troops, plunder shops and destroy schools. He says the invasion and killing of rebels has stopped working on several government projects.

“We have recorded attacks at the level of several projects that will help the region develop,” Fonka said. “For Babaju, Bamenda, Bambotos [road projects], And the road leading from Kuikong to Bandjoun, especially [English speaking North-] West and southwest. “

According to Fonka, troops have been deployed to protect engineers on roads that have been discontinued. He begged the private sector to help stop the invasion of separatists by reporting strangers in their towns and villages.

Fonka did not say how many government troops, rebels, or civilians were killed, but said troops were deployed this week to thwart the invasion.

On July 15, English-speaking rebels said they were impersonating the army and attacking villages and towns in the western region.

Cameroon says students and teachers oppose the blockade of separatist schools

Cameroon officials say at least 70,000 children and their teachers have returned to the classroom this year in the troubled western region.

This week, President Paul Biya of Cameroon sent Asomo to lead a prominent military delegation in the French-speaking world, which borders the northwestern and southwestern English-speaking countries.

At a meeting between local military officers and the governor in the northwestern and western regions on Friday, Asomo said he was asked to encourage troops to fight separatists. He said the government had adopted a new strategy to combat rebels, but did not say what the new strategy would entail.

Rodrique Sfor, who sells chicken in Mubuda, visited by Asomo and his delegation, is one of many who relocated from the town of Garim due to regular separatist invasions and killings there. Say that.

“When I hear the voice of the Ambassians [separatist fighters] Decapitated soldiers, situation cannot leave [allow] I want the government to take it seriously by strengthening the security of the surrounding area so that I can live with peace of mind. “

Sufor also says that many have fled from the town of Babaju to a safer French-speaking town.

The government has called on fleeing civilians to return home and has assured them that the military will guarantee their safety and security.

According to the United Nations, the Separatist conflict in Cameroon claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people, forcing 550,000 to flee to the French-speaking region of Cameroon or neighboring Nigeria.

Cameroon dispatches defense ministers to French-speaking towns and villages under rebel attack | Voice of America

Source link Cameroon dispatches defense ministers to French-speaking towns and villages under rebel attack | Voice of America

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