Brown University economists say reparations will be “disastrous” for the future of the United States

Economist and academic Glenn Loury said on Sunday that the United States should be “cross-race” and compensation would be “disastrous” for the future of the United States.

Lurie, a professor of economics at Brown University, appeared in ABC’s “This Week” to discuss critical racial theory and Juneteenth’s becoming a federal holiday. Race.

“I think we should be transracial. When I say that, I know I’m spitting in the wind. I know no one wants to hear it. Here I think the correct story in is that it’s an American story. Together with this. I know it’s very easy to say, “said Harvard University’s first black tenure economics professor. Lurie said. “I think Martin Luther King understood it correctly in 1963. I think the racialization of this debate about crime and violence, as well as crackdowns on poverty and wealth, is bad for America.”

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“I think talking about compensation, whatever the moral debate, is disastrous for the country’s future,” continued Lurie. “Blacks shouldn’t try to break another deal with the United States. Make the country a good country for everyone, and we’ll be on the right track.”

Earlier in the interview, Lurie was asked about conservatives who expressed concern about critical racial theory, and whether he agreed with their definition. Lurie believed that their definition was “great,” and replied that their concerns revolved around the “story” being pushed forward.

“I don’t think the definition is okay with that. I think the concern is about the story. It’s about what the story of an American project is and where the race fits into it,” Lurie said. “I think it’s a bit like the discussion of how to teach evolution and creationism, or what to do about sex education in schools where people are concerned about a particular story, a particular view. Very immutable for the project. “

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Lurie was then asked if the school would ban critical racial theory.

“No, I do nothing more than ban the teachings of Marxism. I do not ban it. I disagree with it,” Lurie said.

Once a vague topic among scholars, CRTs and related ideas have been highlighted in political debates over the past few months. This issue is especially important among Republicans. Former President Trump has banned the use of CRT-related ideas for federal training. This was abolished shortly after Biden took office.

Lurie has expressed opposition to compensation for slavery Several times And Said, “You don’t want to commercialize it,” and call it a “terrible idea.”

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Ilhan Omar, Democratic Party, “squad“– A group of progressive parliamentarians, including Democracy Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Rashida Tribe in New York, Rashida Tribe in Michigan, and Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts repeated her push for compensation on Saturday in a tweet about June 16.

“Let’s keep fighting to deal with the lasting consequences of slavery, looking back on the importance of what this day symbolizes. Next Step: Compensation” Omar Tweet..

Sam Dorman and Audrey Conklin of Fox News contributed to this report.

Brown University economists say reparations will be “disastrous” for the future of the United States

Source link Brown University economists say reparations will be “disastrous” for the future of the United States

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