Brooke Baldwin has a problem with gender pay gap on CNN


A 41-year-old journalist who resigned as a long-time employer 13 years later revealed in a new interview: [her] Communication network [and] The highest salary is for men. “

Brooke Baldwin Revealed one of the reasons she left CNN. A journalist who left the network 13 years later admitted that she had problems with wage inequality by gender.

The 41-year-old woman is Ms. I made a revelation when I spoke in the Magazine’s “About the Michelle Goodwin Problem” podcast. “I’ve been an anchor for over 10 years, most of that time is 2 hours in the afternoon, during which time I’m the most influential anchor in our network. [and] The highest salary is for men, “she spilled first.

“My boss and executives are men. CNN Dayside is overseen by men, and executive producer is a man for 10 years, so I’m surrounded by a lot of men,” she said. “I think it’s changing, I know it’s changing just by looking at some of the more and more popping faces on our channel … but often , Especially at an early stage … I was surrounded by a lot of people Hey. ”

“Brook hosting the afternoon segmentCNN News Room“She also personally insisted that she would” fight for the story of a woman. ” Despite being “not often told,” she said she managed to overcome such a setback.

“By putting women in places of power little by little-and I’ll discuss behind the scenes as well as behind the scenes-that’s how you have a story that reflects who they are. “She says more shared. “It’s getting better, but we still have a little way to go.”

Brooke announced her departure from CNN in February. “For ten years, when I picked up the most urgent and important stories of our time, I had to work with some of the most talented producers and photojournalist out there. I never took privilege for granted, “she went on to declare-air.

“Conflicts, terrorism, environmental disasters, natural disasters, the wrath of gun violence, human interest articles, royal weddings, my” American Woman “series, the social justice movement that defines our culture, the pandemic that changed the world. … and politics, “She continued.” Lots of politics. ”

“Thank you for your loyalty and passion for the world we cover,” Brooke concludes. “In the next chapter of life, we’ll focus on what we love most about our work, amplify the life of an extraordinary American, and take advantage of our passion for storytelling.”

Brooke Baldwin has a problem with gender pay gap on CNN

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