Britney Spears doctors want to remove their father from guardianship: Report

Britney Spears has been trying to get out of the power of attorney for over a decade, but it seems that leaked voicemail has been revealed.

The message also shows that she has been afraid of her father, Jamie Spears, since at least 2009.

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On Instagram, pop star’s highly controversial former manager Sam Rufty posted a series of voicemails from Britney.

In the first post attached to a never-before-seen image of a singer holding his son Sean Preston, Britney said, “Hello, this is Britney Spears. It’s Sunday the 18th. Power of attorney. I was blackmailed by visiting a baby under the power of attorney. I was detained, detained, deprived of civil rights, and felt illegal, so I went to California to review the case. Goodbye. “”

The message was left in 2009, “all judges ignored all these calls,” Sam said.

In another message, this was attached to another image of Britney that I had never seen before with my sons Sean and Jayden Jaymes. To make sure he takes my children away in the process of abolishing the power of attorney that my dad has threatened me several times. It takes care of everything, so it stays the same for the duration of my management. That’s it, goodbye “

In his third message in 2009, Britney wants to nominate two men, including lawyer John Ardleigh, to represent her in court in hopes of ending the 13-year power of attorney. I think. According to her, this representative is in her “best interests and best wishes.”

In 2008, a California court rejected Ardleigh’s bid to replace Jamie as a guardian of Britney’s property.

Finally, Sam, who managed Britney in 2007 and 2008, released a fourth voicemail. In it, Britney said she was a “healthy mind and body” and, in contrast to Sam Ingham, a lawyer appointed in her court, begged the court again to have Ardleigh represent her. ..

“I don’t want a guardian,” she said. “I am detained against my will. I cannot exercise my constitutional rights. I cannot participate in custody proceedings. I think my civil rights have been infringed.”

In the caption, Brit’s ex-best friend wrote: I didn’t know where to go, no one was listening, and no one seemed to care. I can’t believe nothing has changed. She will never get back that year. Her children were robbed of a huge history with their mother. “

Over the past few months, Britney has openly reins her father, her family, and the power of attorney she calls “abuse.”

On July 14, the judge allowed Britney to hire his lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, to dismiss Jamie as the guardian of her business. Ultimately, she wants to remove the power of attorney.

Sam said in a conversation with Page 6 that her new legal team is aware that she is ready to testify on behalf of Britney. However, the report states that it may be difficult because Britney had a long-term restraint order against Britney and Sam to keep him away from her family through her property. The latest suppression instructions will be enforced until June 2024.

Britney Spears doctors want to remove their father from guardianship: Report

Source link Britney Spears doctors want to remove their father from guardianship: Report

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