British columnist asks Megan Markle “whether he went to CNN” after the fact check disappeared

British news columnist Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, disputed various aspects of an interview with Royal Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday after a package of international correspondents disappeared from their website. Asked if he “went”.

The claim has been more than a month after British journalist Piers Morgan complained to British regulators about his current employer, ITV, following Markle’s criticism of “Good Morning Britain.” I did.

In an interview with Winfrey, British Daily Mail columnist Dan Wooton broadcast a “first-class” report by CNN London correspondent Max Foster allegedly revealing many of Markle’s allegations against the royal family. Pointed out.

Foster’s report (18 days after Winfrey’s program) included a report from a former family staff member who talked about how Windsors worked hard to prepare for Markle’s unique and remarkable new life. It was.

According to Wooton, the report was inserted in a number of soaring reports of interviews with Markle and Prince Harry and their sharing of “truth.”

“Broadcasting is very noteworthy, as soon as the left-wing US broadcast media first showed that the apparent contradictions in the interview could finally shed light,” Wooton said on the Daily Mail website. I tweeted. “

In the report, Foster said there were actually some critics who pointed out that Harry and Megan’s explanations to Winfrey were inconsistent.

The report, dubbed “Royal Reckoning” by Cylon, is a serious debate on topics such as suicide prevention and racism claims, regardless of which side of the observer Foster is on. It started by pointing out that it was difficult. This included a series of seven challenges to the allegations made during the interview.

The criticisms contained in the currently missing CNN report include Winfrey and CBS to broadcast the interview, rather than fulfilling the previous pledge that Sussexes would work with more grassroots and independent media. The first event was included.

Another claim was that Markle had never studied Harry online, but a former friend said she was always “fascinated” by the royal family, especially the late Princess Diana and Wales. Has been-Comments on the controversy about marrying Harry 3 days before their formal ceremony.

The claim seems to have been made clear by the Daily Mail getting a copy of the marriage certificate.

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Wooton said in a column that potentially damaging reports were “erased from history by CNN,” but Atlanta-based broadcasters sources said they were due to external pressure. He added that the deletion was not done.

According to him, video reports may be deleted due to third-party copyright violations or decommissioning clauses.

But Wooton added that his sources in the royal family are considering whether the network has been “creepy” due to the potential to confuse “awakened” viewers.

British columnist asks Megan Markle “whether he went to CNN” after the fact check disappeared

Source link British columnist asks Megan Markle “whether he went to CNN” after the fact check disappeared

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