Bridgerton celebrates its second season on Netflix

Beloved Reader — The breakout hit Bridgerton has been redesigned on Netflix for the second season. The next article in the steam series set in London’s higher society in the early 1800s is scheduled to go into production in the spring, the streaming service announced Thursday.

Netflix released the news on social media and in a press release partially written in the style of the show’s infamous “Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers.” The mysterious whistle down, narrator of the show and unidentified until the final episode of the season, is voiced by iconic Julie Andrews.

“It’s my honor to tell you that Ton is crowded with the latest gossip: Bridgerton will officially return to the second season,” said the release written as Whistledown. “I would appreciate it if you could keep a bottle of Ratafia for this most enjoyable opportunity.”

The first season of the show from the big names in the television world Shonda Rhimes Production Company, Hondaland, and creator Chris Van Dusen were released at the end of last month. It focused primarily on Daphne (played by Phoebe Dynever), the eldest daughter of the wealthy Bridgerton family, and her efforts to secure a husband during the social season.

The show also introduced viewers to other wealthy families in the society, along with seven other Bridgerton children. Throughout the show, the character’s life will be improved or improved with the release of a Lady Whistledown scandal sheet filled with top-notch family gossip and sneaky details.

According to the release, the second season will focus on Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey), the oldest Bridgerton brother who did most of his sister’s work in Season 1.

According to the release, “this author is definitely informed that Sir Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season.” “I prepare to report on all of his romantic activities with a pen.”

Netflix seemed to make fun of Anthony’s future spotlight Highlight trailer It ended with the last shot of the star from the past season posted on the social media page on Thursday.

No additional details were provided in this release, reminding fans that “after all, patience is a virtue.”

The show is inspired by Julia Quinn’s best-selling romance novel series, the Brigerton Series. These books feature different Bridgerton brothers and their path to love, and the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, focuses on Anthony’s efforts.

Bridgerton celebrates its second season on Netflix

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