Brian Stelter faces a backlash after claiming that CNN’s public rebuke against Chris Cuomo is a “real punishment.”

CNN’s left-wing media guru Brian Stelter has suggested that the network’s public rebuke against his colleague Chris Cuomo for his brother’s involvement in political scandals is sufficient punishment. ..

In a “trustworthy source” on Sunday, Stelter faced the “difficulty” that the network “has no perfect solution” for the recent revelation that Star Anchor assisted Governor Andrew Cuomo of the Democratic Party of New York. I admitted that. This year.

Stelter seemed to praise CNN for dealing with a confused host.

“CNN management said in May that Chris had crossed the line in doing so. He apologized to his colleagues,” Stelter told viewers. “Some critics said he should have been suspended or fired, but I’m going to level with you.”

Year of his problem with Chris Cuomo and CNN

“It’s not a real punishment to tell a wealthy host to hang out by the pool for a few weeks,” Cuomo said as reportedly starting his “long-term planned vacation.”

“I rebuked the hosts in public and said that what they did was’inappropriate’. That’s the actual punishment,” he added.

Media experts don’t see it that way.

“The real rebuke is the actual concrete action. Suspension without wages. Dismissal. We will not continue to air people who are completely in jeopardy,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha told Fox News. “And a few journalists on the left, right, and in between demanded his suspension or full firing.”

Laura Bassett, an opinion columnist at MSNBC, is one of the journalists calling on young Cuomo to “resign or be fired from political coverage.”

“New Yorkers are more valuable than state-sponsored liars, harassment, and misogyny creep, and CNN viewers work on behalf of the politicians he covers and help manipulate his public opinion. It’s more valuable than casters, “Bassett wrote at the end. week. “Both the Cuomo brothers have betrayed the trust of the people and have accumulated great power and influence, and both brothers have to go.”

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Tom Elliott, founder and news editor of the Gravien Media Company, agreed with Bassett and told Fox News, “You don’t need a senior media reporter to know that the only logical punishment here is immediate firing. “.

“This is the best Governor Cuomo could have asked for. A complete news blackout about his myriad scandals during the most superficially acclaimed hours of the network,” Elliott said. -air.

The Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullavan also called on CNN to suspend the “Quomo Prime Time” anchor.

“Monday night, Chris Cuomo will probably start a long-term vacation, so it won’t air. At least it needs to be turned into a fairly long unpaid suspension,” Sullivan wrote. “And CNN needs to make it transparent to viewers that the anchor behaves unethically and the network doesn’t respect it.”

Sullivan’s Washington Post colleague and media critic Erik Wemple accused Stelter of whitening the network scandal and argued that CNN had to investigate Chris Cuomo.

CNN executives reportedly suggested that Chris Cuomo take a “temporary vacation” to advise his brother’s scandals.

“Of course, AG’s report focuses on Andrew Cuomo’s behavior, not Chris Cuomo’s, so CNN will show how Star Anchor fits into this sexual harassment pushback activity. You’ll have to commission your own report to make a decision. Say in a conference call? ”Wemple wondered on Monday. “We asked CNN for a point blank. Did CNN take any steps to investigate Chris Cuomo’s activities? No answer yet.”

NewsBusters Editor-in-Chief Curtis Houck blamed Stelter’s assessment that CNN’s public comments on Cuomo were sufficient punishment.

“It’s funny to think that public protests are enough punishment for the horrific revocation of basic journalism ethics and conflicts of interest,” Hook told Fox News. “Instead of actually looking inward about the ball and strike-calling journalism profession or trying to show, Stelter was found promulgated by his allies or colleagues on Sunday.”

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However, Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson argued that the story of Crisco Omo was a “business problem” and that accountability demands should be directed to top people.

“The problem from the beginning was an administrative problem,” Jacobson told Fox News. “It was a bad idea for Chris Cuomo to cover his brother’s governor, and everyone could have predicted that it would lead to obvious and potential conflicts of interest, and many did. CNN’s management said they. Ignored the obvious warning signs of. “

“I don’t think Chris Cuomo should be fired or suspended for what he’s doing, but management needs to take responsibility for himself,” Jacobson added. rice field.

Tom Jones, a senior media writer at the Poynter Institute, also refrained from calling Cuomo’s head, but emphasized that the damage done to himself would be long-lasting.

“Chris Cuomo will have an eternal reliability problem among some viewers. The only thing that can be fixed is the non-existent, time machine,” Jones wrote. increase.

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Concha also told Fox News that CNN’s problems are plagued the network and Stelter’s “spin” can’t do anything to calm them down.

“CNN’s crisis management efforts and every spin in the world will not ring this bell,” Concha said. “From an ethical point of view, this is the lowest point the network has seen in 41 years of history. There is no doubt.”

Brian Stelter faces a backlash after claiming that CNN’s public rebuke against Chris Cuomo is a “real punishment.”

Source link Brian Stelter faces a backlash after claiming that CNN’s public rebuke against Chris Cuomo is a “real punishment.”

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