Brady-Belichick’s heaviest betting game

Atlantic City, NJ – According to the sportsbook, Sunday’s Tom Brady-Bill Belichick showdown is shaped to be the biggest bet in regular season NFL games.

Six-time Super Bowl champion Brady is the first member of the visiting team to return to Gillette Stadium to lead his defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the New England Patriots.

And people are falling all over themselves to bet on it.

“We expect this game to be the biggest game of the season,” said Kevin Hennessy, spokesman for FanDuel. “Tom Brady has always been popular with FanDuel’s customers. The Patriots have always been a popular betting team, many of whom have been transferred to Bucks.”

FanDuel, the Associated Press’s official odds provider, says 95% of bets are in Tampa Bay to cover a 7-point spread. Other sportsbooks report similarly biased betting actions against Brady and Bucks, expecting a cash cascade in the last hour before the kick-off on Sunday night.


“It’s no exaggeration to say that this book will attract the Patriots on Sunday,” said PointsBet spokesman Wyatt Yearout. “It’s going to be the biggest regular season NFL game ever at PointsBet, and it’s not close. It’s the most stakes game ever, and it’s still on weekends when most of the action is normal. Not included. “

At Bet MGM on Friday, 92% of the money was paid to Tampa Bay. It was 97% in the Caesars Sportsbook.

Brady did a quarterback for the Patriots during his first 20 seasons before leaving last year to lead Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl victory. The Sunday night match is his first match against his old team and coach.

The angle of revenge — both sides — is an attractive angle for gamblers.

Johnny Avello, head of the DraftKings sportsbook, said: “Brady has a lot of motivation, but there’s also a motivation on the other side. (New England rookie quarterback) Mac Jones wants to show that he belongs.


Craig McCrow, Vice President of Trading at Caesars Sportsbook, said:

New Hampshire’s longtime patriot fan, Colin Lynch, who now lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, says the Brady-Belichick angle is intriguing. He has invested hundreds of dollars in New England and closely tracks in-game betting opportunities with even larger spreads.

“I hope the course of the game gives us the opportunity to watch the chess game we all want to see between the two,” he said. “Ideally, you get a close game of pressure situations and important decisions to be made on both sides.”

There are also some proposition bets that are heavily bet in the game, known as “props” that try to predict the performance of individual players.

— The number of touchdown passes Brady throws.


— Whether his longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski catches the NFL record-breaking top pass as Brady passes the yard. He needs 68 to beat Drew Brees.


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Brady-Belichick’s heaviest betting game

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