Botswana cancels tourist vaccine

Botswana will allow unvaccinated tourists into the country, provided they return a negative result to COVID-19. It is a turnaround from last month when the nation began to deny entry to tourists who were partially vaccinated or unvaccinated and did not want a free injection.

Christopher Nyanga, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Botswana, said in a statement that the decision to allow unvaccinated people into the country was intended to ensure easy access for tourists.

“I would like to point out that these changes now allow partially vaccinated or unvaccinated people to enter the country, if they meet the necessary tests,” he said. “It is only when a person is not fully vaccinated and is not ready to undergo a COVID-19 test at the port of arrival that they will be charged and fined or taken to court.

There was confusion about what hired the fully vaccinated person. In Botswana, the vaccine is valid for 180 days, while Europe gives the same vaccine 270 days.

Nyanga says that the instability of the vaccine was taken into account when the vaccine mandate was canceled.

“Due to the inconsistency of periods for taking stimulant injections between Botswana and other countries, and for the purpose of facilitating international travel, the definition of being fully vaccinated in Botswana will no longer include a stimulant syringe,” he said. “Having completed the primary vaccine sequence will be considered sufficient for one to gain access, without having to submit a negative PCR test result.

Cindy Kelemi, director of the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV-AIDS, welcomed the government’s action.

“We have always argued that responses to COVID-19 do not necessarily require criminalization to be used as a policy,” she said. “And not allowing access to those who are not vaccinated is in fact a violation of people’s rights. Therefore, it was only fair for the government to withdraw its previous guidelines and remove the ban for non-vaccinated people into Botswana. “

Since the vaccine was introduced on February 14, Botswana’s tourism industry has suffered heavy losses, with the cancellation of bookings worth $ 10 million.

Okavango Delta tour guide Keletso Sedume said he expected the situation to improve now that COVID-19’s entry requirements have been eased.

“This is good news as there have been fewer tourists coming to Delta in recent weeks,” he said. see them come in now. “

Authorities in Botswana say they have vaccinated more than 71% of the adult population, one of the highest rates of vaccination on the continent.

Botswana cancels tourist vaccine

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