Borders did not see a large influx of immigrants after Title 42 ended

A Biden administration official said there was no rush to the border when Title 42 was lifted.

TEXAS, USA – A senior Biden administration official said Friday that there was no “massive influx” of immigrants flooding the southern border overnight after the war. Public Health Emergency Order Expires It was used to quickly expel people from the country.

“We are still encountering many non-nationals at the border. Neto told reporters on Friday.

Since March 2020, when the Trump administration first invoked Title 42 early in the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration agents have used the title about 2.7 million times at the southern border. In fiscal year 2022, which ended in September, officials made a record 2.3 million arrests of migrants at the southern border. In the first six months of the year, the number of people at the southern border reached 1.2 million.

Nunez-Neto said authorities still need to process border-crossing migrants on Thursday to get an idea of ​​the total number of people arrested.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Reeser told reporters on Friday that the number of immigrants entering the El Paso area from Mexico has surged over the past week, with immigration officials on Thursday confirming 1,800 people in the El Paso area, which is sprawling in New Mexico. of immigrants arrested. He said the city had prepared for the unknown, including converting two vacant junior high schools into temporary evacuation centers, but that there were no major problems.

Lieser said 150 migrants released by immigration officials are staying in municipal shelters and hotels. He added that the city of El Paso will do everything it can to prevent immigrants from sleeping on the streets.

“Title 42 expired and we moved to Title 8, so it’s actually been a very smooth transition,” Lieser said, referring to immigration laws that impose harsh penalties on people who cross the border illegally.

Before Title 42 expired, US officials said they expected up to 13,000 migrants to cross the southern border every day after Title 42 ended. At one point this week, more than 27,000 immigrants were detained at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, according to the Washington Post, which is three times the official capacity.

With Title 42 gone, Border Patrol agents will revert to pre-pandemic immigration laws, imposing harsher penalties than emergency health orders on immigrants who enter the U.S. without authorization.

The Biden administration has added new options for immigrants to apply for asylum without going to the southern border, including a government mobile phone app known as CBP One. Immigrants also have the option of applying for asylum at new processing centers in Guatemala or Colombia, which will give successful applicants the option to enter Canada, Spain and the United States legally.

Starting Friday, immigration officials will seek to deport immigrants who attempt to enter the country without prior reservations using one of these options.

The regime is also imposing stiffer penalties on asylum seekers who attempt to cross the border illegally. They could be charged with a misdemeanor of illegal entry and a felony charge if they make multiple attempts to enter the United States. They may also be banned from leaving the country for five years.

The rules, which went into effect on Thursday, deny asylum to migrants who traveled through third countries who could have applied for asylum.

Migrants have complained that the CBP One app is flawed and crashes repeatedly every time they try to make a reservation. The Biden administration on Wednesday increased the number of appointments it can take per day from 740 to 1,000, and expanded the window for soliciting appointments from 10 minutes to 23 hours.

“We believe this change is working well. I think it took a lot of time due to the pressure on non-citizens who previously had to rush to register for reservations…reservations fill up quickly. It will be,” said Nunez-Neto.

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