Border guard agents that Biden said “pay” can receive minimal punishment, officials say

Border guard agents, described as blocking immigrants on horseback in Del Rio and promised to “pay” after President Biden repeated false claims that agents “tied” immigrants, will change investigations And as some senior officials want, it could be suspended for just over a few days.

Agents have been at the center of the Department of Homeland Security’s investigation after images appeared that Democrats and leftist activists claimed to have used “whips” to show them to migrants. Officials and agents quickly realized that the agents were actually using long reins to control the horses, spinning them to move the horses forward rather than attacking migrants. I did.

CBP Chief acting “shocked” by images of horse border guards as administration doubles

Since then, videos have appeared to support that claim, but the photographer behind the original image states that he has never seen an immigrant whip someone. However, the administration has doubled, and DHS Secretary Mallorcus claims that the image “reminded us of the worst elements of our ongoing fight against organized racism.” Biden, meanwhile, added fuel to the fire of allegations that agents were whipping and even hunting down immigrants.

“It’s ridiculous to see people treated like them, horses barely running around, and people tied up,” Biden said on Friday, whipping by hand. “I promise you, those people will pay. The investigation is currently underway and there are results. There are results.”

It is arguable what exactly those results will be. Despite the rhetoric of anger from the White House, a senior government official told Fox News that the investigation should only be suspended for a few days on agent payments and should be “not a problem.”

Officials told Fox News that this was the first time a horse unit had been assigned to a bridge and that more than 15,000 migrants were their first exposure to the surge of migrants on the bridge.

Biden administration uses horses to suspend border guards in Del Rio’s AMIDDEM riots

The agent is said to have had no clear rules of involvement, but he listened to the radio and helped other agents in need of it, preventing immigrants from crossing.

“They did their job,” officials said.

Meanwhile, border guard Raul Ortiz, who assisted the agent at a press conference with Mallorcus, briefed several parliamentary committees last week, including black federal parliamentary executives. However, the main interview will be conducted by the Office of Professional Responsibility, which is in charge of the investigation. Fox learned that six agents were under investigation.

Border guards stunned to see Biden at war with his own agent over false “whiplash” claims

A team of Justice Department investigators are investigating a potential civil rights infringement in Del Rio, a source familiar with the investigation told Fox News. The Inspector General’s DHS office may also be involved.

But a senior government official told Fox News that he believed that agents should be paid and face the possibility of an outage for only a few days.

Attempts to dismiss agents are expected to be opposed by Ortiz, who repeatedly supported the use of horse patrols in all relevant sectors of the border last week.

Someone with knowledge of the problem says the investigation may be based on what the agent said, not what they did. One agent photograph “Are you using your woman ?, this is the reason for sh– in your country, because you are using your woman for this.”

However, “screaming at people is not a crime,” officials said, adding that the Border Guard dispatched a lawyer and that the man was “well represented.”

They also said that neither one agent nor one migrant was hurt, even though tens of thousands of migrants were crushed on a large scale-they said they were “incredible.” Great achievement.

Mallorcus’s allegation that the agent was transferred to management was also challenged. As Mallorcus said, the agents haven’t interacted with immigrants, but one official said they hadn’t lost their badges or guns, they were just taking care of their horses.

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“Whether you’re riding a horse or taking care of it, that’s what they’ve been doing for the last few days … taking care of horses,” officials said.

Border guard agents that Biden said “pay” can receive minimal punishment, officials say

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