Booing anti-racist gestures reinforces the need to kneel

Burton on Trent – BURTON-ON-It should be the perfect opening of England’s European Championship campaign at the home stadium on a scorching summer afternoon, but instead has an element of anxiety about the reception that players receive from their fans.

The reaction from the England fans section was booing when the player knelt before both Euro 2020 warm-up games.

Ignoring the reasons for performing anti-racist gestures has created a disconnection with many football fans who consider it a political act.

Prior to the opening match of England’s Group D against Croatia on Sunday at Wembley Stadium, there was even some delay but intervention from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office.

“The prime minister wants to see everyone behind the team cheering, not booing,” the message said.

The English team continues why they want to kneel, as they did for a year in the Premier League, as part of a call to eradicate racial injustice following George Floyd’s police killing in Minneapolis. Seems to be dissatisfied with having to explain to.


“Honestly, that’s something I really didn’t want to talk about,” England forward Raheem Sterling said on the team’s St. George’s Park team base. “If you don’t understand what’s behind it and what’s behind it, it’s really disappointing to see it.”

During the team meeting, the English players remained unwavering with their kneeling determination.

“We believe it,” said white defender Luke Shaw.

Last year, centerback Tyrone Mings helped the British Football Association develop code to increase gender and ethnic diversity in coaching and senior management by setting recruitment goals.

“Whether the message reaches the minority is something we should never give up,” Mings said. “I will talk about it until the day I die. I strongly support trying to educate people who may not understand the problems they are facing.”


There is no unified public position from fans who ridicule their players, but some people knelt down and tried to tie it to the political agenda.

Still, England’s match is “no surrender” inserted by most of the fans during the national anthem, like the one booed by the player kneeling, like the match against Austria and Romania in Middlesbrough. See also the line. For the generation in which Britain was hit by a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army.

“If you’re booing anti-racist gestures in the UK, you’re accused of being racist,” said Piara Power, executive director of the anti-discrimination group’s fare network. ..

“This argument that they are booing the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t really wash,” Poir said. Sports gestures have paved the way for football. “


Hungarian fans also booed when an Irish player knelt down in a friendly match on Tuesday. This is a move defended by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“Politics is not in sports,” Orban said.

The Scottish team initially decided not to kneel during the match at Euro 2020, but announced on Friday that they would go to Wembley next Friday for their second group match against England.

“Our stance is that every player, fan, team, club, federation, governing body and government has to do more,” said Scottish captain Andy Robertson. “Meaningful change requires meaningful action, but given the events around England, it’s also clear that kneeling in this tournament is an important symbol of solidarity.”

The English Game non-discrimination group Kick It Out and the Football Supporters Association have called on Wembley fans to cheer and drown out boos.


Kevin Miles, FSA CEO, said, “Fans who stand up to support the England team and take the first action after the referee’s whistle boos their team’s stance on racism It’s a shame. “

England coach Gareth Southgate has stated that his players will not “just stick to football” if their platform can be used to achieve social change.

“It is their duty to continue to interact with the general public on issues such as equality, inclusiveness and racial injustice, and use the power of their voice to bring discussions to the table, raise awareness and educate them. Southgate was published by The Players’ Tribune, who wrote to fans.


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Booing anti-racist gestures reinforces the need to kneel

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